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The relationship of the mass commercial media we are living with and experimental film - Research Paper Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Submission Date The Relationship between Commercial Mass Media and Experimental Film Introduction Although moderately small number of practitioners and academics recognize and has an interest in experimental film, it has definitely influenced cinematography, visual effects and editing in the media we are more familiar with in everyday lives especially through TV (Barnett 4)…
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The relationship of the mass commercial media we are living with and experimental film
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"The relationship of the mass commercial media we are living with and experimental film"

Download file to see previous pages The research paper also discusses whether it is possible to commercialize modern experimental films or video art (Barnett 39). Commercial media vs. experimental film Mass media is a combination of diverse media technologies whose main purpose is to reach to a large group of audience through mass communication. The technologies used to achieve this objective vary. For instance, broadcast media such as recorded music, radio, televisions, and films transmit their messages electronically. On the other hand, experimental cinema or experimental film is a form of cinema (Barnett 111). Experimental film is a type of artistic practice that easesof both cinema and visual arts. Experimental film has its origin in Europe, which took place during the twentieth centuries. Experimental film has established its history through theories such as that of P. Adams Sitney, and its distribution advance through non-profit institutions such as The Film-Makers’ Cooperative of New York and other organizations in other countries (Barnett 192). Experimental film influences on commercial media Although experimental film is familiar witha relatively small group of academics, practitioners, and connoisseurs, it has highly influenced, and will continue influencing visual effects, cinematography, and editing (Biolsi 84). Experimental film has highly influenced and led to the advancement of commercial media, which is currently familiarwith a large group of people such as televisions. Experimental film influences cinematography, which is the science or art of motion picture shooting. It is the technology used in movie photography, which includes both shooting and production of films (Biolsi 221). Cinematography also refers to film director’s major visual turncoat. Secondly, experimental film influences visual effects; these are a variety of processes for creating or manipulating imagery outside live action’s context. These visual effects influence commercial media since they involve mixing of live-action generated imagery and footage aided in creating media environments, which look more realistic, although, they would be expensive, dangerous, impractical, or not possible to capture on film (Biolsi 505).Visual effects with computer-generated images have currently become more accessible to the filmmakers due to the introduction of user-friendly, affordable composting, and animation software. Lastly, experimental film influences editing, which is the process of preparing and selecting visual, written, audible, and film media used to communicate commercial information. The editing process involves condensation, correction, organization, and other editing performed with aid of producing consistent, correct, complete, and accurate information (Biolsi 507). The editing process starts with ideas of the author of the work, proceeding as a partnership between the editor and the author as the entire work’s edition takes place. As such, editing process involves human skills, creative skills, and an accurate set of procedures. The music video’s genre is a commercialization of a number of experimental film’s techniques. Experimental film has also influenced television advertising and title design hence making television broadcasting more attractive than before. Song video or music video refers to a short film combining ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Relationship of the Mass Commercial Media We Are Living With and Research Paper)
The Relationship of the Mass Commercial Media We Are Living With and Research Paper.
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