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Two films of the same genre, at least 10 years apart(american or foreign) - Essay Example


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Two films of the same genre, at least 10 years apart(american or foreign)

While these films are both Disney-inspired pieces of cinematic arts, they belong to different eras. The Enchanted takes a more modernistic approach, combining archetypal fairy tale concept with a contemporary touch – as manifested by Giselle’s adventure in the city of New York. Conversely, Sleeping Beauty takes a more conventional approach, maintaining the traditional touch of Disney fairy tale films. In an attempt to provide a wider picture of the differences and likenesses of these films, particularly of its individual heroines, this paper seeks to compare and contrast the different roles and qualities exhibited by each character in their [Student’s Last Name] 2 respectivestories. The comparison and contrast on the role of both heroines shall encompass the following: the theme of love, conflict and eventual consequences, and individual personality. Conflict is quite similar for both heroines. Both are sent to a deep sleep and the only thing that could wake them up is a kiss from a true lover. In Sleeping Beauty, although it was originally intended by Maleficent, the antagonistic fairy in the movie, to cause death to Princess Aurora, it was brought down to just a deep sleep, with the help of one of the good fairies, Merryweather. While the motives of Maleficent indeed turned out to become a reality after she sent the princess to sleep, it was the kiss of Prince Phillip that awakened her. Similarly, in Enchanted, Giselle was likewise sent to a deep sleep after she ate an apple with a poison.

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The problem was resolved after Robert gave her a genuine, passionate kiss. It is quite clear that the cause of the deep sleep involves two different approaches – a curse for Sleeping Beauty; an apple with a poison for Enchanted - but both heroines underwent the same taste of conflict, which is obviously comparable. Next, they both have an evil woman after them. Maleficent is the evil fairy in Sleeping Beauty who originally cursed Princess Aurora to death; although, the curse was brought down to a deep sleep. Perhaps, the purpose of placing the antagonistic character of Maleficent in the story is to eventually highlight the theme of love in the film. Remember, the only thing that could awaken the princess is a passionate, genuine kiss, which so given in the last stages of the film. Correspondingly, in Enchanted, the looming presence of an adversary transpired in a very different fashion, that is, through external channels: the apples and the henchman. But, the same with Sleeping Beauty, the evil woman partially succeeded in putting the heroine to sleep; but, was later awaken after Giselle was kissed by his true love, Robert. Looking back, one can [Student’s Last Name] 3 concedethat, indeed, the similar idea of putting an evil woman in the story inspired parallelism in the films. The heroines of both films display conviction of finding their one true love. It is fascinating to note that one of the main motives of the films is to underscore the theme of love in the story. Although Princess Aurora appears seldom in the film, because she is asleep in almost all major phases of the film, one thing is for sure: Princess Aurora “


12 November 2012 The Heroines of Sleeping Beauty and Enchanted Like any other Disney Films, Sleeping Beauty and the Enchanted have their own priced heroines: Princess Aurora for Sleeping Beauty and Giselle for Enchanted…
Two films of the same genre, at least 10 years apart(american or foreign)
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