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Significant Aspect in the Painting Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion (1944) - Essay Example

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Francis Bacon is one of the artists who exhibited a unique style in his painting. Although the artist exhibited focus on painting at an older age compared to other artists of his time, he made progress and some of his works remain to be highly intriguing…
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Significant Aspect in the Painting Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion (1944)
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Significant Aspect in the Painting Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion (1944)

Download file to see previous pages... One of his highly influential works was the ‘Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion’ that he did in 1944. This essay will focus on the style of triptych and distorted images that are evident in the painting, making it an outstanding piece, whose relevance has surpassed the passing of time. From the onset of his career, Bacon exhibited an addiction to the Crucifixion as a subject in many of his artistic works. This does not imply that he depicted a salient attachment to religion. He highlighted that the crucifixion represented a unique subject that he could use to express a range of human feelings successfully.2 From the years when he started painting, he demonstrated immense interest in depicting images that he associates closely with the crucifixion. Prior to painting this piece of work in 1944, he had painted other images that revealed his unique style of depicting strange objects. For Bacon, the ‘Three Figures’ marked the beginning of his career because he made claims that he had not taken art as a serious career in the previous years. Apparently, he had painted other pieces of work before this influential piece, but he attributed this to his immature style, judging from the increased criticism he had received from his counterparts and himself.3 According to him, the Three Figures’ served as his debut into painting, and it depicted his mature style. Judging from the uniqueness of the painting, it is evident that he exerted himself and expressed himself in an outstanding manner. Through the use of strange images, he managed to bring out the format of the triptych, a style of painting that redefined his painting experience because he painted many other art pieces using this unique style.4 ‘Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion’ Description The painting has three images that exhibited differences.5 A glance at the images reveals that they are not the usual image that the human eye is familiar with, a factor that makes an art analyst realize that such strangeness is one of the unique aspects of the painting. Whereas many artists depict normal objects that the audience are familiar with in conformity with the realism art ideology, Bacon depicts surrealism in this piece of art.6 Artists belonging to the surrealist school of thought defied the norm and highlighted that art was a form of expression that allowed each individual to express even things that did not exist in nature. This is the ideology that motivated Bacon because the objects depicted in his painting do not exist in real life. From one perspective, the objectives resemble birds while a closer analysis of the depicted torso resembles the body of a woman. This strangeness of the objects reflects surrealism at its best. First Panel on the left In the image on the left side of the painting, the object appears as the torso of a woman, finding support on another object that resembles a table.7 The position that the woman’s torso occupies on the table-like structure creates a resemblance to flowers resting on a table. The torsoappearsto have a head that exhibits wrapping using a cloth. The shoulders on the torso resemble reduced wings, giving the viewer a new idea idea that probably the torso is but a chicken after some plucking of its wings and feathers. The head depicts a downward stretch, with a triangle-like picture forming in the view of the observer. The torso seems to have a mouth-like structure resembling the beak of a bird. Further analysis also presents the idea of an animal in its efforts to snarl. Image in the Second Panel The image at the center is different and exhibits multiple contours and a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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