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Weeping Woman 1883 by Vincent Van Gogh - Essay Example

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Vincent Van Gogh was born in the 1853 by his mother Anna Cornelia Carbentus and father Theordorus Van Gogh, who was a reverend at a protestant church. Vincent Gogh lived and grew up at his place of birth in Holland…
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Weeping Woman 1883 by Vincent Van Gogh
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Download file to see previous pages He grew up religiously due to the influence by his parents, as they were ministry leaders. Vincent had two brothers, Cor and Theo and three sisters Wil, Anna, and Elizabeth. During his early life, he did not give any consideration on concentration on artwork. In fact, he spent a quiet life without a niche and undeniable artistic professionalism. This paper provides a discussion on the “Weeping Woman 1883” by Vincent Van Gogh. He went through a sketchy educational array since 1870 and due his completion; Vincent got an employment at the Hague gallery governed by French artist (Wildenstein & Company 204). The French artist regulated all the artwork in their company led by Goupil. Goupil transferred Vincent Gogh from The Hague to London in 1875. He later moved to Paris. Owing to this relocation, he lost the desire to work as an artist although he loved and enjoyed his work. Vincent returned home and started theology classes. He was passionate and enthusiastic to proceed to Couple programs; he failed in his exams. His personality, was composed of intelligence and multi-lingual speaker, he did not see the importance of considering Latin as the language to use in preaching to the poor (Wendy 34). He proceeded to a community that mined coal where he started his missionary work. In this coal mining community, he lived with hard working but poor common people where he developed his profession as a preacher. He gained a big interest for people who lived around him. This big interest influenced him to the artistic career, which was enveloping. Theo, his brother, pressured him to join the artistic word. He also had a big urge to leave the miners with something that was greatly required by human kind. Vincent Gogh underestimated his abilities having gone through only part of his training as an artist. His family pushed and encouraged him to clinch on and move forward as they provided financial support, something that helped Vincent become a master of the art (Wendy 59). At the age of twenty-seven years, Vincent Gogh fell in love with painting and artwork. This was after he got into the school of Beaux-Arts located in Brussels, Belgium and relocation to Amsterdam in a period of fall of winter. In 1882, he was fully devoted to painting where he lived frugally and studied the theory of color. At this stage, he created the Potato Eaters as a major work having been inspired by Peter Paul Reuben’s artwork. Vincent painted peasants in the rural landscapes by use of the dark earth tones. He incorporated impressionism, which involved vivid colors. Vincent adjusted his paintings to a style that made his work generate fame on to people he lived with (Wendy 94). This happened after he relocated to Paris. His fame projected as a result of using bold brushstrokes with thick application of paint on his art work. Vincent Gogh started a colony of artists composed of the most interactive and intelligent artists who had the passion for creating arts in the most productive way. Formation of this group took place in Arles, in France. Artist like Gauguin joined him and created artwork like the sunflower. However, his successful progression in this period came in with mental disorders declining him some physical capabilities, an illness composed of epilepsy, delusions and psycho attacks that brought great turmoil to Vincent and his family. The effects of mental illness brought episodes like mutilation of his ear and offering it to prostitutes as well as, extensive threats to Gauguin (Wildenstein & Company 212). In the year 1883, he created the figure of a weeping woman, a paint that brought transition for Gogh and the inhabitants of the areas who were under the French laws. The paintings helped the natives to rediscovers the essence of tourism ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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