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Modern Artists Joan Miro and Marcel Duchamp - Essay Example

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The essay explores modern artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Joan Miro. Duchamp was an American born in the year 1887 and died in 1968. He was a renowned artist with varied fundamental designs in his career as an artist. Miro was one of the best artists who ever lived in Spain…
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Modern Artists Joan Miro and Marcel Duchamp
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "Modern Artists Joan Miro and Marcel Duchamp" explores Joan Miro and Marcel Duchamp and their works. Marcel’s artwork stands out as an artistic handy work with varied materials that make it real and fascinating to look at thereby inducing immense attention from viewers. This is because the artwork comprises of varied incorporated material not necessarily purchased by procured locally probably collecting worn out pieces of metals and other materials including threads. At a first glance, one cannot tell if the materials used entail ready available resources like copper collar, metal stand and a pulley. I also got fascinated by the work since it shows how thought major level of creativity. This is because for one to come up with a final product that encompasses fitting a painted papier- mache demisphere on velvet covered disk requires patience as well as outstanding creativity. Other intriguing encompasses the artiste’s blending of harmonious colors within the whole piece of work, which are black, white and brown. Hence, making the object appear integrated also with its settings and other parts such that it is not contrasting its varied parts together with shadow cast just close to it. This brings out the impact of visibility, which makes it exceptional compared to other pieces of work that may resemble it. Mainly, this is an artistic technique commonly associated with exceptional artists in their quest to create attention despite their works’ settings or placement in a museum as in Marcel’s artwork. ...
Based on this piece of work (completed in 1936) depicting perching parrot, I guess the artist’s interest encompassed making his works resemble mostly nature and other wild creatures though in an illogical manner. This is evident in the way he is capable of incorporating wild features in his work and other things like a shoe as well as hat whose original settings as expected by mere audience does not resemble what he has made through this artwork. However, the artwork is extremely intriguing, which was the reason of choosing it. Similar to Marcel, the artists has also embraced use of harmonious though having lighter shading to align adequately with the artwork settings and somehow wildly nature. The latter is evident in the way the perched by the parrot seems all through having almost close colors thus no sharp contrasting. In addition, Miro’s work resembles that of his counterpart Marcel through assembly of varied aspects to create a unique and an identifiable object. In comparison with Marcel’s artwork, Miro seemed to have gone further into utilizing refined aspects to come up with this artwork, which are shoe, art and others like different material for engraving the map, which is diverse from the brown one protruding from the base. The reason behind choosing this artwork was due to the artist’s fascinating way of incorporating nature with other aspects to make the viewer deem he or she is in the wild. This is via Joan merging varied materials to come up with appears like a tree hoisting a bird in order to bring out the hidden fascination in nature and the wild. Thesis: Marcel and Joan despite their respective artworks differing in the manner of materials incorporated in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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