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History of Photography - Research Paper Example

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY Photography is one of the disciplines the world that has marveled many important persons. It has been in the world for a long time and each time it feels new to the people who bestow their eyes on the pieces done by the artists…
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History of Photography Research Paper
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History of Photography

Download file to see previous pages... Many photographers in the world who have made their lives out of making photographs that depict their characters and speak volumes about the environment they take the events (Pollen 71). Photography started as an art in the 1830s but came into recognition ten years later. However, before photography was created people previously knew the theory of how photography works. Camera Obscura was the first model of image processing gadget that gave the people the idea to invent better camera forms. In this gadget, the image was projected upside down. This was back in the 14 and 13th century. The meaning of Camera Obscura in Latin is the darkroom. The development of photography was assumed to the assassin of the fine art. The renowned artists like Leonardo and Michelangelo and others used the concept of the Camera Obscura. An Italian scholar took time to write an essay on using the camera obscura as an aid in drawing. The obscura would give better aid in the process of making fine art according to the essay. The Italian scholar Giovanni Battista della Portacentury gave paradigms in the extensive use of obscura in art (Ivan 1). One could trace from the bigger projected image. The invention of the camera in the 1825 where there was the window le Gras by the inventor Joseph Niepce. The continuity in the invention of the camera forged on to the 1888 where the Eastman Kodak company brought the film camera into existence. In the past the black and white production of photos became popular propelling Kodak to other levels in the world of the developing photography. There are renowned photographers like Alfred Stieglitz who was a promoter of modern art. He has the credit of making photography what it is now (Ivan 1). In this paper, the artist of choice is Carol Guzy a renowned photographer. The choice of this photographer is inspired by the fact that she has a natural way of presenting her art to the audience. Carol Guzy was the first lady to receive the recognition of newspaper photographer of the year in the 90s. She has also had Pulitzer prizes in her photography. Guzy went on to win the best photojournalism of the year in 2009 sealing her effect on the lives of audience. Carol Guzy’s touch in photography is made by the fact that she does not take photos. She documents the emotion of the environments around her. Carol is a modern photographer who focuses her art on the emotions instead of the moments. The fact that she uses this attribute of emotion in the photos she makes gives her the upper hand in the making of the best pictures on the events that are happening. The pictures she takes give a better aspect on the feeling on the ground. She has delved into many corners of the world and documented some of the best pictures to give a better understanding of the situation in the place the photo originates (Michael n.p). Carol’s motivation She was not technical in nature but the introduction to the love of photography was instilled in her by the fact that Carol’s ex boyfriend presented her with a camera after noticing her having a knack of shooting her dogs. The camera was a 35mm camera. The camera that was given to her was the first motivation to the successful career. She felt it was her true calling. Having come from an average family in the USA, she loved art but her mom who was working in the factory and struggled to support her thought it would be a nice hobby. She was enrolled to the nursing program. Half way through her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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