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Strangers, babies (Theater Class) - Essay Example

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Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Strangers, Babies Introduction “Strangers, Babies,” a play written by Linda McLean and directed by Jon Tracy, gives a detailed account of a woman’s tortured past and consequent interaction with people close to her…
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Strangers, babies (Theater Class)
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Extract of sample "Strangers, babies (Theater Class)"

Download file to see previous pages The director’s intent is to highlight the difficulty that people experience when attempting to relate to loved ones, especially with knowledge of their past mistakes and potential weaknesses. The director playwright and director chose an appropriate time to highlight this relationship deficiency, given the fact that the contemporary society is largely characterized by family disconnect and widespread disintegration of the family unit. This play attempts to show that people, have an individual burden, which is the lack of ability to understand how they associate with others, but still be responsible for pieces of information about their life experiences. Discussion The first scene of Strangers, Babies, begins with May steadily looking at the corner of the square shaped stage. The conversation, between May and her husband Dan, suggests that the direction to which she is staring is the couple’s apartment balcony. There is an injured bird and May seems concerned and willing to help it, as shown when she states that things can stay alive although they are injured. The presence of birds in the perceived balcony is indicated by high-pitched chirping sounds, which can be heard throughout this first scene. However, it is peculiar that although May is adamant about helping the bird, she is still reluctant to get involved. This serves to show that the protagonist is obsessive but distant at the same time. Dan looks at the balcony and occasionally at May in a knowing yet patronizing manner. He attempts to convince his wife that even though putting up a bird feeder on the balcony would be a caring gesture, it attracts more birds and there is a likelihood of getting additional injured birds. His patronizing attitude becomes evident when he uses a sarcastic tone to state that turning the balcony into a sanctuary for birds, would prevent him from engaging in his usual Sunday daydreaming involving newspaper reading and coffee drinking. It is obvious that there is affection between the two, but there is also an unsettling sensation. This is evident from May’s nearly desperate fixation on the injured bird and her apparent agitation as she slightly bangs her mug on the table, while her husband observes in a grave and sober manner. This scene provides a typical example of the atmosphere prevalent throughout the play, which constitutes disguised violence, careless attitude and ordinary daily life. From the play’s outset, the stage set-up evokes a feeling of disconnection. The stage is an ordinary square platform, which has a dividing space in between and high walls on either side. The director adds a dramatic effect to the play by concluding every scene with an abrupt and loud clang. This is followed by the rising of the back wall, in order to show the four other characters, who execute the subsequent scene change in a somber manner. Even though they are not explicitly mentioned, disturbing events in the protagonist’s past suggest the possibility that, May’s current life is a sign of their impact. For instance, her monologue and distant look in the first scene makes one think that she is in deep thought about being injured in the past. The events in the play, just like the injured birds banging against the glass balcony door, constantly bang against May’s invisible past. These past events appear to increase the incapability of men ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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