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John Van Hamersveld Art style - Essay Example

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John Van Hamersveld Art style John Van Hamersveld, a Southern California icon was born in 1941. The Surfing Heritage & Culture Centre posits John as a leading Art stylist for more than 50years (Web). John Van Hamersveld attending Art Center College in Los Angeles in the 1960s gave him a way to launch his professional careers as art director of ‘Surfer Magazine’…
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John Van Hamersveld Art style
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Download file to see previous pages In the late 60s, John boosted his portfolio after he assumed the role as an art director at the Capitol Records. This position, gave him an edge in designing more posters for famed musicians (Surfing Heritage & Culture Centre Web). John has designed more than 300 album covers and the most popular ones according to Surfing Heritage & Culture Centre were, “The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour and The Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main St” (Web). In the present, embodied legacy of John Van Hamersveld is located in the Coolhouse Studio. John Van Hamersveld has exemplary art works that are likeable. The digital print on the canvas ‘Waiting on the Storm’, of 2009, ‘Johnny Girl’ of 1972, and ‘Pipeline’ on digital print on Vinyl 2009 are the remarkable drawing that the essay will describe. John Van Hemersveld drawing "Waiting for the storm" digital print on canvas 2009 was a classical drawing that I saw. Though the drawing is simple, a person can derive some information from the design. The design emphasizes the ideas that the drawing brings forth in the mind of the viewer. John Van Hemersveld drawing was insightfully done to differentiate the background from the foreground. The foreground print of the drawing has numerous clouds that were blue at the base and white at the top. The blue color in the drawing generally creates a calm and peaceful environment in my mind. The clouds with the blue base was capturing to my eyes. The drawing indicated to me that the storm is not necessarily detrimental as most people think. Hence, the drawing depicts that when I prepare for the storm, the calm moment is likely to be experienced. ”Waiting for the storm” by John Van Hemersveld illustrates that a storm can yield time for meditation and a quiet moment of peace. According to the drawing, I learn that my preparation for challenges in life determines the peace I can experience throughout the moment. Typically, blue is a color for calmness signifying that in my life I really need to prepare for the storm all round to always have a calm state. Another drawing that also captured my attention was “Johnny Girl” which was John Van Hemersveld digital print of canvas 1972. The drawing was of John who was all smiles and very happy. Johnny Girl drawing showed a boy who had typically gotten a girlfriend for the first time. Therefore, the drawing depicted Johnny’s achievement, which to him the achievement was something out of the ordinary in his life. Although the drawing may have brought out the feelings a person encounters when in a relationship for the first time, I did not like it at all. The drawing reminded me of my first relationship in High School which did not last for long. The amazing moments I had and the thought of a beautiful future were the ideas going through my mind. Despite the insightfully designed canvas, my past memories were the reason of my dislike for the photo. The 2009 Vinyl print of “Pipeline” drawing was generally amazing. A person who is keen to understand the drawing could only appreciate the remarkable design. I also became a victim of bypassing the drawing because the drawing was not as striking as the drawing of “Waiting in the Storm.” The “Pipeline” drawing was showing a sharp wave with high amplitude and a narrow front. The wave looked dangerous than ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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