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Japanese Cinema - Essay Example

THESIS STATEMENT The film, Eros Plus Massacre leaves an eternal impression on the minds of its audiences through its aesthetic and thematic work. The essay intends to judge the aesthetic and the technical perspective of the film which uphold the thematic purview of the film more precisely. EROS PLUS MASSACRE: A CRITIC Eros Plus Massacre is a study of human characters and psychology at one hand, and enables the comprehension of the socio-political discourse of the time when Osugi was alive. The film centers round three women characters. Three of these women characters happen to be wife, the third lover and the jealous and traitor second lover of Osugi. Hori Yasuko was Osugi’s wife. Noe Ito was the third woman in the life of Osugi and was with him during the time of Osugi’s assassination. The second woman and the relationship of Osugi with her form a vital discourse in the film. The second woman in Osugi’s life was militant feminist named Masaoka Itsuko. Itsuko even tried to kill Osugi inside a tea house during 1916. The most fascinating part of the film is the amalgamation of certain characters from the present with that of the past and the oscillation of the time frame beautifully captivated within the framework of the cinematic narrative within the film. However, when the film, “Eros Plus Massacre” is judged from a very close contour, it is observed that the excellent work of camera by the cinematographer Motokichi Hasegawa imparted a different dimension to the theme and context of the

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film. The cross cut and the dissolve techniques used during the intimate scenes of Osugi with his lover Noe stand apart and far above the mundane techniques implemented in the camera work of the general films. Also, remarkable use of camera in the film can be traced in the climactic scene of Osugi’s assassination. The amount of dolly shot involved with a balanced pace of meticulous use of fade-in shots will make the assassination scene of the film timeless. The use of light in the film, “Eros Plus Massacre” is also remarkable. The film was made in black and white mode; therefore the use of lighting could not find enough space to become evident. Yet, the interplay of dark and light especially in the scene where Masaoka tries to kill Osugi placed at a wide angle at the outset of the shot makes a statement which is almost indelible in the paradigm of lighting within the pantheon of black and white cinema. The film, “Eros Plus Massacre” presents within its context, a paradoxical discourse. The second woman in Osugi’s life is a feminist militant. However, the same film which captivates a strong feminist statement dared to show the female body with its most probable intimacy with her partner. This discourse got manifested through Osugi and his intimate love scenes with his female counterparts within the film. The depiction of the female body upon the paradigm of physical love which throbbed upon the ideals of Osugi’s free love formed the loci of the thematic discourse for the film, “Eros Plus Massacre”. It was quite a challenging task for a cinematographer and director of any film to transcribe such a paradoxical and complex discourse through the language of camera. Nevertheless, without any fail, unanimously any audience going through this marvelous piece would come to the conclusion that a work of an effective cinematography, balanced and intelligent use


Eros Plus Massacre was released in the year 1969. The film was directed by Yoshishige Yoshida and was written by Masahiro Yamada. …
Japanese Cinema
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