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Gender of art - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Adopted from Introduction The artwork analyzed in this essay is a painting by Katherine Strause that was exhibited at the Delta Exhibition showcased at the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock. This paper is a critical analysis of an artwork; critical artwork requires deciphering the piece into different components (Carroll 7)…
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Gender of art
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Download file to see previous pages The two males are putting on suits, with the groom donning a black coat, white shirt and a yellow tie, and on the right side of the coat’s lapel, there is a yellow flower. The other male is donning a blue jacket, with a white shirt and a maroon tie and a light maroon pocket-handkerchief on the top left pocket of the jacket. On the lower left side of the painting is a woman who seems to be having mixed feelings as she seems to be grinning while at the same time her grin has a mild sadness to it with the eyes closed. The man seated on the left shows content in his facial expression while the younger girl on the lower right side of the painting seems to be cynical of the whole ceremony being portrayed in the painting as shown by her gaze fixed away from the main theme. The faintly painted entrance or exit on the background acts as a reference point indicating the physical location or context of the scenario, which in this case an indoor private ceremony given the few number of people portrayed by the painting. This analysis of the geographical context of the painting is further augmented by the flowers Strause has included on the lower left side next to the seated woman. ...
Strause uses well-defined and bold lines, which appear carefully planned to paint the figures of people in the artwork, indicating her precision and accuracy in painting. The background has shades of light green, blue and white which seem to have been done in a manner to portray them as if they were left unfinished. Items on the surface in front of the female figure on the lower left of the painting have also been painted as if left unfinished. The artist has used a variety of techniques in applying oil paint in the artwork, as some subjects in the painting appear carefully planned leaving no spaces while in other instances, the artists application of the oil paint on canvas appears to be more inconsistent and seems to have been done in alacrity. This shows enthusiasm of the artist in her work while on the other hand application of the paint with careful planning creates a feeling of easiness and patience. As I sit and view this artwork, my eyes are occasionally veer from the pair of scissors and the rope tied in a knot on the left top and right top of the painting respectively to the focal point around the wedding couple cutting what appears to be a wedding cake. This movement happens mainly because of the bold lines the artist has applied in painting the two objects at the top and the color intensity of the bride and grooms costumes. The pair of scissors and the knot are standing out since the artists has painted them in a manner that makes them appear isolated from the other subjects in the piece while the focal point, that is the wedding couple have been painted using very intense colors as seen with the groom who is donning a black suit. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gender of Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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