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A Variety of Research Methods for Studying Responses to Romance - Literature review Example

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The author states that qualitative research uses a naturalistic approach that seeks to understand phenomena in context-specific settings. In contrast, quantitative methods are supported by the positivists’ paradigm, which characterizes that the world is made up of observable and measurable facts. …
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A Variety of Research Methods for Studying Responses to Romance
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Extract of sample "A Variety of Research Methods for Studying Responses to Romance"

Download file to see previous pages Positivists assume that a fixed measurable reality exists external to people (Glesne, 1999). On the other hand, qualitative methods are generally supported by the interpretive (also referred to as constructivist) who portrays the world in which reality is socially constructed, complex, and ever-changing. Each represents a fundamentally different inquiry paradigm and researcher actions are based on the underlying assumptions of each paradigm.

The non-experimental studies used a variety of research methods such as observations, interviews, survey, questionnaires, etc. The data for these studies were mostly the responses of participants and self-reports and were analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. The wealth of research on various topics on romance provided a credible backdrop for the analysis of data.

Glesne (1999) states that qualitative researchers seek out a variety of perspectives; they do not reduce the multiple interpretations to a norm. She adds that in qualitative research, face-to-face interactions are the predominant distinctive feature and also the basis for its most common problem. Such a problem she states includes researchers’ involvement with the people they study and the accompanying challenges and opportunities that such closeness brings.

Straus and Corbin (1990) claim that qualitative methods can be used to better understand any phenomenon about which little is yet known. They can also be used to gain new perspectives on things about which much is already known or to gain more in-depth information that may be difficult to convey quantitatively, or where the researcher has determined that quantitative measures cannot adequately describe or interpret a situation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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