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Tragedies: The heart of Grecian verses. Women of Troy - Research Paper Example

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The history of Troy stretches as far back as the beginning of time. When Paris decided to snatch Helen from under the nose of Menelaus the Spartan king that is when things took a wrong turn for Troy and for the Trojan women. …
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Tragedies: The heart of Grecian verses. Women of Troy
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Tragedies: The heart of Grecian verses. Women of Troy

Download file to see previous pages... They came with torches and set the city ablaze and within no time Troy ceased to be an empire and was reduced to rubble, ashes and armies of slaves. The tragedy experienced in this play is one of a kind and perfectly blended to break even the coldest of hearts and melt them as butter melts before a hot iron. Euripides takes time to curve out the tragedy from the mythical Greek legends and out of it comes a masterpiece that can only be compared with Homer’s Iliad, verses from Sophocles and also Aeschlylus. It has been a Greek thing to write beautiful stories of heroes and gods but nothing beats the Greeks at bringing out emotions in people as such with tragedies. In as much as most of the former plays of those times used unskilled performers and actors, the Grecian playwrights such as Homer still drove the point home by employing numerous theatrical techniques to keep their audience satisfied and entertained (Kirk, 20). At the onset of the events of that led to the Trojan War, Athena, Hera and Aphrodite are seen to fight over the rights of the fairest of them all. Zeus, the king of all gods, send the three goddesses to the Trojan prince Paris who then chooses Aphrodite and in return she makes Helen the fairest of women in Sparta winning the heart of Paris, and what follows next is one of the epic battles to ever go down in the Grecian history and history of the world. It is from this epic battle that we get to learn of the Trojan women and their plights before and after the war. Hecuba, the queen of Troy, wife to Priam and mother to Hector and Paris, is the first one to enter the stage full of grief and lamenting for the deaths of his two sons and husband and the fall of Troy. Later on, after the news from the Grecian herald of woe Talthybius, enters the cursed Cassandra with the ability to foresee the future but otherwise incapable of wooing her adversaries to believe her and she later ends up dying in the house of her Greek Patron. Then enters Andromache full of tears for her dead husband Hector and soon after her son is killed by the Greeks. Then finally enters Helen the cause of the Achaean War now on trial by the Spartan king Menelaus who revenged his brother’s death by reducing Troy to rubble and a city of ashes. ‘The Trojan Women’ begins with Poseidon lamenting over the death of Trojan heroes and the fall of Troy at the hands of the Greek as a result of the Achaean war. The war for Helen of Troy cost the lives of Achilles a Spartan warrior together with the lives of the Achaean king and Hector a Trojan prince. The war also cost both nations more than ten thousand troops and ten years of fighting. Afterwards, after the war, Talthybius the Greek Herald brings the bad news for the women. Hecuba, who was also the queen of Troy, is condemned to be the slave of Odysseus a Greek General after the loss of her husband. Her daughter Cassandra is to be dragged away as the concubine of Agamemnon. Talthybius also hides the sacrifice of Hecuba’s other daughter Polyxena and instead tells her that her daughter is a maid at the tomb of Achilles. To rub it in further, Andromache, Hector’s widow tells her about the death of her daughter which further throws her into a frenzy of sorrow and sobs. Of all the heathen gods that survived the past few centuries, it comes without a doubt that the Greek gods as portrayed in the various Grecian odes, plays, verses and manuscripts remain the most famous and the most known among men. Talthyibius returns with yet ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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