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Design: Ethics of Practice - Case Study : Gensler - Essay Example

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Name Class Professor Course Date Ethics of practice in any profession is very important. Ethical practice entails honouring the values beliefs and morals of any professional one is involved in. These are the principles of duties which must be obeyed at all times and in circumstances that avail themselves (Design Issues, page 1)…
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Design: Ethics of Practice - Case Study : Gensler
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Download file to see previous pages Designers play an important role in the society. They connect the client and the public, perception of the company by thee outsiders among other people interested in the company, help in providing information in a more organized manner and give people an easy time in navigating their areas of interest. A designer must keep this in mind at all time and abide by the ethics of practice (Design Issues, page 1). If the designer does not put this into consideration, it may have severe consequences not only to the parties involved but also to him. Technology has played an immense role in simplifying issues on any given field. Designers find themselves intertwined in the field of technology that simplifies their work a great deal. It comes as a capability expansion where it adds value to the designer. Technologies should also maintain the principles and also incorporate moral values in the day to day activities. This work scrutinizes Gensler Company, analyzes and evaluate at how it practices in terms of ethics. Gensler Company has a plan of work on every assignment it has. The group of companies critically go through it starting from appraisal to post practical completion. They ensure that the ethics are adhered to by assigning each job to a department that go through it boarded by qualified staff. Each stage is vital to meet the clients’ needs and specifications. Gensler`s approach to their design differ internationally by making sure there are right people for the right job. The company sticks to its code of ethics to ensure it make the best out of every situation. The influence is brought about by plan of work and strategies that are always laid before any task is taken. The World Trade Centre to be built in Saudi Arabia is one example of what the company is capable of doing. It analyzes the task beforehand and gives possible solution to problems. It realizes it is all about what the client will want to get satisfied. The World Trade Centre is a state-of-art building that everybody will want to be associated with. The professional ethics in this task makes them responsible for the World Trade Centre. Highly qualified designers of the company assess the task in any given job and look at it careful and with much consideration. They paint the picture in the client’s mind on how the design will look like (Ethics, Aesthetic and Designs, page 4) Shanghai Tower: design by Marshall Strabala of Gensler The Glenser are much prepared to work with any international client. The reason for this is their superior work ethics. This is depicted by the way they portray their design handle the various departments that deal with their clients. Their work plan will always attract any client. The strategies they have put in place always make one to be part of them. The 5D`s in their work plan shows that they have broken down on how they prioritize each client without favour. Fairness is the company’s core principle and favour is against their work plan. The 5D`s which are for Discover, Define, Develop, Design and Deliver show how much they are prepared for any task. This shows that they understand the clients’ goals and aspirations in their design. The company has managed to keep a large number of clients by brooding clientele loyalty. By providing an ethics and quality driven designs, the company ensures customer satisfaction that keeps them coming ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Design: Ethics of Practice - Case Study : Gensler Essay.
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