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Art is fun - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Analysis of Artwork by Bill Barminski, Coco Fusco and Donald Morgan The distinct observation I made concerning the article Two Undiscovered Aborigines Dancing on the Wounds of History by Coco Fusco is that art provides an open platform for individuals of all cultures to express their opinions, beliefs, and culture…
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Art is fun
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Download file to see previous pages This shows that art is undergoing a transformation into a multicultural platform where parties involved are sensitive to each other’s cultural issues. The distinctive observation about Donald Morgan’s work of art is that the artifacts he creates and displays around the world are culture sensitive. The artifacts he creates are based on forest imagery, objects that are familiar to individuals from all cultures. Therefore, Donald Morgan’s work is multicultural and serves to bring individuals together from various cultures in appreciating common works of art. The main focus of Donald Morgan’s multimedia presentation is the notion of manifesting diversity. The forest imagery that the presentation depicts ranges from natural to artificial objects and living to non-living objects (University of Oregon, This forest diversity represents the cultural diversity that characterizes the peoples of the world. Morgan depicts his art both through paintings and sculptures. This serves to emphasize the concept of diversity further by utilizing diverse artistic techniques. A distinctive observation concerning Barminski’s multimedia presentation is that he employs diverse artistic techniques, which put across his message concerning gun culture. He uses sculptures as well as photos and drawings. Therefore, his artwork portrays diversity (Barminski, Both Morgan’s multimedia presentation and Coco’s performances make me feel that different people are becoming more tolerant of each other’s differences than ever before. I feel there is a realization among people all over the world that their different cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles are not significant enough to compromise their relations with each other. For example, Coco writes that a white visitor to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago was shocked to see Coco and Guillermo put in a cage like animals. Thinking they were not performing but were real aborigines, he was astonished to see people put in a cage for display to the public (Gablik, 313). This occurrence serves as a testament to the fact that western attitudes regarding cultural equality have changed significantly since several years ago, when western people used to believe their culture is superior to the rest of the world’s cultures. The performances of Coco and Guillermo had a significant impact in furthering the cause of artists of color of achieving greater representation in the world of art. However, some of the methods the two performers used to achieve their aims were unorthodox. In particular, the instant whereby the two performers mislead city officials in Spain to believe that their performance was just street entertainment in order to receive their permission was quite irresponsible of them (Gablik, 326). Their decision to downplay the political aspect of their performance almost put the city officials in trouble with their seniors. The two should have conducted all their activities with honesty and integrity. Their lack of integrity undermined the cause for which they were fighting. Donald Morgan’s multimedia presentation displayed a high degree of creativity which I found very impressive. His focus on forest imagery is quite revolutionary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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