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Visual & art - Assignment Example

The artist despite using few aspects in relaying his or her message, the image’s expression is compelling. This is especially the way current regimes focus on arming themselves against their counterparts whereas in real sense they end up killing and maiming the innocent citizens. Artist’s questions range from technological advancements aimed at producing complicated firearms to interregional conflicts solely influenced by diverse global leaders. This is to satiate their personal interests, which include attaining material wealth through attacking their counterparts. Through this portrait, the artist expresses his or her concern regarding the increasing global wars despite the numerous states currently via devising diverse strategies claim to preach peace and morality to other people. This is evident from the combatant’s relaxed posture implying he or she is at peace, which is contrary and instead yearns to kill more people that are innocent. Consequently, the artist highlights the aspect of charade that characterizes both global states and people despite appearing from outside peaceful and innocent whereas inside they are devising evil plans against their pals. Additionally, the artist expresses a grievous emotional pain aggravated by lose of numerous lives during the war, which during his or her time seems to augment by the day. 2. Name of the artist? What is the medium and/or techniques the artist used? The name of artist who painted this portrait is………….. . To relay his or her message

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In his theory, Bacon apprehended and anticipated the psychology that was supposed to get implemented in the years to come. These idols or their explanations were never treated as symbols or dealt with any perceptions that are supposed to get operated in the paradigm of dual meaning.
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In pre-historic times too, he expressed and communicated his ideas and feelings, mainly by visual means, such as cave paintings and other visual signs. Gradually, he refined and developed his methods of communication, and naturally tried to translate them into a visual form.
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More space is visually eminent due to the tomb located below the figures giving more depth. The vault also exemplifies greater depth and volume in perspectives. Van der Weyden’s Deposition is smaller in size with more figures painted closer to each other.
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This paper states the concept of visual arts. This kind of art should awake feelings not after the analysis of the picture, but before it. A person should be able to make his/her own conclusions looking at the picture for the first time. The picture should awake philosophical thoughts. Woman Holding a Balance by Vermeer is one of the pictures.
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effectively, (put artist’s name) preferred painting the portrait in a canvas besides incorporating diverse techniques meant to catch the viewers’ attention and arouse their emotions. For instance, the artist draws the combatant to the forefront with the intention of leaving a negative space in background. This is to feature other war aspects, which characterize the battlefield, for illustration, parachutes. In addition, the negative space enables the artist to avail his or her audience the real picture comprising the combatant’s settings though it is unclear. This is to induce and assert the aspect of tension expressed by the statement appearing below the portrait. Another technique encompasses putting unanswered question below the portrait, which influences his or her viewers to develop interest of unveiling what was his or her the exact implication. However, this ought to be a soliloquy but put down in writing whereby the artist does not require any answer or further elaboration regarding the same. Since, his or her core aim entails sensitizing people regarding the tension, trauma and loss brought by the present unending wars or conflicts 3. Describe how the various elements in the photo or painting or drawing work to create visual interest. In this experiment, the artist has extensively utilized strong brush strokes with the intention of revealing diverse aspects comprising the entire image. They include the background images mostly comprising of militia combatants and parachutes in the air. The evidence of strong brush strokes characterize the images found in both the forefront and middle ground sections especially the place where there are militia combatants. In addition, the partial illumination found in the entire portrait enhances the aspect of tension and trauma, which result from unending wars. The illumination’s strong intensity characterizes the upper parts contrary to the bottom areas where the combatants are


Name Professor Course Date Visual and art 1. What do you think the artist is saying/expressing in the artwork? In this portrait, the artist is wondering when will be the end of war trauma caused by numerous wars and conflicts characterizing the current global states…
Visual & art
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