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As an action packed fantasy thriller, it performed extremely well at the box office because of it appealed to the minds of most young adults because it falls under the category of a superhero genre mixed with a little bit of science fiction, based on characters that have gene mutations, appearing in Marvel comics. …
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X-Men: First Class
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24 February Assignment X Men First has a very thrilling story line with twists and turns keeping the audience on edge throughout theduration of the film. As an action packed fantasy thriller, it performed extremely well at the box office because of it appealed to the minds of most young adults because it falls under the category of a superhero genre mixed with a little bit of science fiction, based on characters that have gene mutations, appearing in Marvel comics. Most people that have read these comics relate with the characters and love to watch them come to life in the film. Moreover, the film also has appealed to many women because of the daunting and handsome aura of characters in the film like Professor Xavier and Magneto, comprising of the lead cast. Most people view the world today in a cynical manner because of natural disasters and terrorist attacks that pose a threat to world peace and harmony. This is why superhero films are much liked by people – because they talk about a one man army saving the day and paving the path of new hope for humanity. Moreover, the popularity of superhero films says that the 21st century world today is in bad shape and people need heroes in their daily lives to help them get through the tough times – these heroes may be in the form of role models in the family or strangers however the message reads the same; that everyone needs someone to tell them that they are loved and that they have a niche of their own in the world. X Men First Class is also a movie that teaches one a great deal about himself; the dialogues and the conflict between Professor Xavier and Magneto are staged in a manner that the audience understands the difference between good and evil; and between pride and doing what is right for the benefit of society. It helps people to introspect and realize their own mistakes and some of the dialogues are indeed very inspirational and have a lasting effect on the minds of people, long after they leave the theatre. (Bradshaw, Peter) The film therefore acts as a mirror because it explains the origins of each of the X Men, and of them all, the most moving story is of Magneto. It thus talks about the worst aspects of humanity and how some people find bliss in torturing others, however despite that, it also tells the story of how one can rise above and carry on a motivating life. The film commences with a backdrop of Nazism in Germany during the World War and paints a dreary picture of the atrocities that the Jews were subject to in the concentration camps, thereby bringing out some of the worst sides of acts committed by people. As human beings, we belong to a society where the ultimate goal for most people is to ‘get ahead’. In doing so, many people do not realize the things that they sacrifice or the people whose lives they put in danger. If we continue this way, it will become difficult to coexist in a peaceful manner because of varied desires and needs among different groups of people. Thus, consciously, we must try to not impinge upon the rights of others or evolve into harmful beasts, as shown in the movie. This film is a brilliant example of teaching people to fight evil through their conscious anxieties. This is because it is able to evoke a number of emotions within the mind of one watching it; making him dread the scenes where monstrous acts are being committed against people, for example the beginning scene with the young Erik Lahsnerr, and at the same time also appeals to the unconscious anxiety by making one think about the film long after it is over. Works Cited Bradshaw, Peter. "X-Men: First Class." The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 02 June 2011. Web. 24 Feb. 2013. Read More
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