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Name Module Instructor Date Enchanted: A True Example of Romantic Comedy Introduction Romantic/screwball comedies are one of the most effective ways of removing worries and tensions of life. They bring a feeling of hope, beauty, joy and optimism in the heart of the audience…
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Download file to see previous pages It not only spreads the feeling of joy and magic, but also makes the audience laugh at the funny situations that story creates. The movie makes the audience experience everything beautiful and funny that life has to offer. Hence, due to its fantasy world characters, colorful costumes, romantic pursuits, music and dream like story, the movie not only fulfills all the genre requirement of romantic/screwball comedy, but provides all the attributes of romantic comedy in abundance and in generous way. Definition The movie Enchanted, which is directed by Kevin Lima, not only entertains the audience with laughter and romance, but also takes them on an exotic fantasy ride. With its attributes of romance and comedy, the movie can be truly called a romantic/screwball comedy. In conventional way, screwball comedy is defined as “a distinct genre of film comedy which lampoons on the private lives of members of the upper class” (Laham 25). In earlier days, the aim behind making screwball comedy films was to excite the audience by “thrusting the main characters of those movies into improbable and embarrassing romantic complications which belie their status as dignified and respected members of the upper class” (Laham 25). It is clear from the definition that a screwball comedy has elements of both romance and comedy. If we go by this definition, then the movie Enchanted has all the attributes of the screwball comedy genre. Moreover, according to communication studies professor Robert Miller, the fantasy that is shown in the screwball comedy makes the audience to forget their ‘real world,’ which is usually harsh, and make them believe in the movie’s message that life should be fun (Laham 25). This opinion can be experienced completely through the movie Enchanted. The movie is not only filled with romance and comedy but is full of magical happenings and twists. One can find almost all the genre requirements of romantic/screwball comedy, like fantasy, romantic triangle, music and songs, social class conflict etc., in the movie. Romantic/screwball comedy attributes There are innumerable attributes in the movie which can be called as romantic/screwball comedy attributes. Right from the loving characters, story line, romantic base and musical theme, everything in the movie symbolizes love, joy, happiness and fantasy. However, the most important attribute of the movie is the journey of the characters from the world of fantasy to the world of reality, which is portrayed through transition of characters from animation world to the real world. Transition of characters In the movie Enchanted, some of the lead characters are shown being forced from a land in animated world (called Andalasia) to the world of ‘reality,’ the New York City. This transition has proved to be one of the most interesting attribute of a romantic/screwball comedy. The lead character of the movie, Giselle, her romantic interest Prince Edward, Nanthaniel, Pip and Queen Narissa are shown transiting from the animation world (Andalasia) to the New York City. Their efforts to keep up with the customs and manners of real world are a great delight to watch. For example, when Giselle finds herself on the Times Square after being pushed by Narissa, she creates lot of flutter on the street. Her wedding dress creates a lot of problem for her as she dashes almost everyone with her dress while walking on the foot path. This causes a lot of laughter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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