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Human nature and war - Essay Example

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After many hours of going through and listening to compositions, I had to choose Beethoven who is also my favorite composer from the classical era to arrange a birthday song. I would like a song composed to honor the birthday of my uncle by Ludwig van Beethoven since he loves classical music among other types…
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Human nature and war
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Download file to see previous pages Apart from Mozart and Purcell, I had to choose Beethoven to compose the birthday song since he has breathtaking compositions like Fur Elise. Fur Elise is undoubtedly interesting. Most people much loved classical piece by Beethoven. The other two composers Mozart and Purcell did not make it into my list to compose a birthday song, because they were not creative like Ludwig for the job. Unlike Ludwig, Mozart in most of his compositions uses minor keys, thus from my own opinion his composition will not suit the mood of the occasion. Also in most of his work, Mozart employs complex instrumentation, which will not make the arrangement intriguing to listen to considering it is a birthday party. Purcell is not a suitable alternative to compose the birthday song because he worked as organist at the Westminster Abbey; thus, his compositions mostly rely on the keyboard instrument. Purcell composes long anthems, which makes me not to appoint him as my main composer because he might compose an unusually long and repetitive birthday song. Since he mostly wrote operas, odes and accompanied stage music, makes him not an appropriate composer of my uncle’s birthday song. ...
Since he developed an individualistic style from the high classical style, he should make the birthday composition more appealing to the ear. This ambitious and virtuosic style will make the audience at the evening party more calm and the birthday my uncle happy. Beethoven (also known as the father of modulation) in the composition should not remain in the same key therefore should modulate to different keys. In some of his symphonies, Beethoven includes chorus and solo voices; also in the birthday piece, he should include them to add beauty and prove his creative personality. In the composed solo section, the libretto must be catching since I want them to bring teary emotion to my beloved uncle. I genuinely want my uncle to be happy since when listening to Fur Elise and the fifth symphony by Beethoven the introduction generates a striking motif. I want my uncle to feel loved and cared for when listening to the composed song since most of the arranged compositions by Beethoven employ a distinct and individualized style. As he will be listening to the music, I want him to get both baroque and classical era music touch since Beethoven lived between those two periods. When listening to the compositions of Beethoven feels a development of works from Haydn and Mozart. Since my uncle has listened to works of both Haydn and Mozart, he will be to listen to a composition expanded on both of them. Beethoven is the perfect person to take the composition job. In most of his work like the opera Fidelio, he brings out the emotion perfectly. Since Beethoven is a transition composer between classical and the romantic era, am sure my uncle will enjoy the composition. The individualistic and creative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Human Nature and War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Human Nature and War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Human Nature and War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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