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LMy topic is Should Movies Be Rated How it fits into the matrix of the arts and ideas of its time - Essay Example


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LMy topic is Should Movies Be Rated How it fits into the matrix of the arts and ideas of its time

This is a dangerous business and whoever is responsible for the production and distribution of films and entertainment products must be careful. They must be careful as to know what they are exposing to the world (Westman 48). This paper will examine why movies should be rated, and how this fits into the arts and ideas of its time. Information on how movie rating began In an effort to protect the film making and entertainment industry, the rating system was brought into effect. The freedoms and rights of these filmmakers needed protection and many organizations saw rating as an opportunity to do that. This was in the early 20th century where censorship boards were growing and coming up on a daily basis (Westman 54). Filmmakers had to get approval from these boards for them to premier, or show their films. Many thought of it as a ploy to destroy the film industry. Others saw it as a means to regulate what people, especially children, were subjected to by these films. The advancement in technology allows for a rating system that allows parents and guardians to regulate what comes into their homes, thus; protecting their children. As a result of the policies in the film industry, it became a requirement to have a standard rating in every film that was produced and premiered (Vaughn 78). Film and cinema halls also needed to have strict rules as to what aired, and who got to watch. Failure to abide by the rules in place risked being shut down by the groups in place. Why movies should be rated

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To many, this is vital in ensuring children grow up understanding the moral values in any home or environment. It is also one way of showing them to be responsible. The movie rating system is fundamental in protecting children from any harm that may come in the form of films and entertainment (Vaughn 86). The minds of young children are like computers. A common analogy in the computer era is the term, garbage in, garbage out. The same thing can be said about the human mind. If one gets to feed their mind dirty material in the form of explicit content, the likely result is the portrayal of explicit behaviour. Addiction to pornography is a likely example. It is detrimental in the growth and development of an individual. One of the most notorious criminals in history, Ted Bundy, claimed to having been addicted to pornography. To fulfil the burning desires he had after watching the films, he resorted to killing, raping, bludgeoning, and torturing an unprecedented number of women. Personal standards need to be set for the family, and through movie rating, these standards can be met (Vaughn 90). How movie rating fits into the matrix of arts of its time Movie rating is proving to be a challenge to the growing technological era. It is next to impossible to monitor everything that comes through the media, let alone the internet. What children in the modern age are experiencing in a week is different from what an entire generation has seen in its lifetime. Parents are trying hard to provide for their families, forgetting that protecting their families from foreign influence, is a part of their job description (Sandler 98). However, they cannot do this alone. Film makers and entertainment gurus need to play a part in protecting children from indecent exposure. Working through such an angle may prevent the pollution of young minds. They may also protect their innocence till


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Movie Rating Movie rating is not something new that came about after the advancement of technology or the rise in cases of creation of adult movies. Movie rating has been part and parcel of the film and entertainment industry ever since the inception of most film corporations…
LMy topic is Should Movies Be Rated How it fits into the matrix of the arts and ideas of its time
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