Analyzes of Richard Aldrich, Untitled and Tomma Abts, Fewe - Essay Example

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The essay analyzes two different art pieces: "Untitled" by Richard Aldrich and "Fewe" by Tomma Abts. The work is currently housed in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The formal qualities of this work are clearly influenced by abstract modes of expression…
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Analyzes of Richard Aldrich, Untitled and Tomma Abts, Fewe
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Formal Analysis Fig Richard Aldrich, Un d, (Aldrich) Fig. 2 Tomma Abts, Fewe, 2005 (Abts) Richard Aldrich’s painting was created in The work is currently housed in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The formal qualities of this work are clearly influenced by abstract modes of expression. In this way the work eschews traditional means of artistic form. In terms of color the work incorporates a variety of vibrant colors. These include red, yellow, pink, turquoise, and pink. These colors seem significant as they convey a light-hearted tone that avoids dark or foreboding reflection. In terms of specific application of these colors to convey formal meaning there are a number of differing components. The bottom part of the work is covered in red with two yellow doors. The doors seem to function as an entranceway into a house. Still, there is the recognition that the abstract nature of the work is such that attributing a specific formal assumption to this doors is difficult. As one considers the middle part of the work there is the recognition that the artist is seemingly attempting to depict windows. In this way three grey rectangles are featured directly in the center of the picture. While the formal elements of these rectangles can potentially depict windows they additionally could be viewed as representing eyes. There then occurs an overarching meditation on the nature of shape as embodying formal qualities of expression. Another significant formal quality of the work is the walls that seemingly form a house-like structure surrounding the earlier described elements. While walls outline the lower portions of the structure, there are also strong vertical lines that extend into the upper right portions of the image. These strong lines are accompanied by more rectangles and squares. In this way the artist is seemingly breaking the earlier pattern of a home structure and again meditating on the expressive potential of lines and shapes. From a top-down perspective there is the recognition that while there are abstract attempts to approximate formal structures in large part the work explores the expressive potentials of the unconscious. In this way there is the seamless shift between the house structure to more abstract expressive potentials of the abstract lines and rectangular forms. Ultimately these formal components expand the interpretive potentials of the work. Tomma Abts Fewe was created in 2005. The painting is currently housed at the San Francisco Museum of Metropolitan Art. In terms of color the work implements orange, grey, and black. In this way the work is largely minimalist in terms of color choice. Still, the formal elements of the work explore a number of notable features. From a quick perusal there is the consideration that the work is not a painting but instead a composed through actual grey panels. Indeed, it appears that one could even reach out and touch these upraised panels. In actuality, however, the artist implements an optical illusion in creating this effect. In this way the artist depicts black shadows surrounding the grey lines as a means of conveying the illusion of three dimensionality. The work contains a variety of oblong structures within it. In this way there is a general tendency towards the center of the image, with the work gradually emanating out from there with smaller grey cells. In terms of specific formal intention the work has a general ambiguity. In this way the articulation could potentially contain a star that is reminiscent of Jewish or Muslim faith. There is also the consideration that the work contains a spider web like structure. Finally there is the consideration that the image could be articulating the crash of a window. It seems that the artist has purposely attempted to blur the lines between what is specifically being represented. In this way the formal signification takes on an entirely new means of formal expression. Still the formal qualities seemingly exemplify a number of themes. In this way there is the recognition that juxtaposition of these grey angles and components, rather than simply functioning as an optical illusion, operates to bring the viewer’s attention to the unique nature of the form of expression. In this way the snowflake, cracked glass hybrid signification seems to be highlighting the social recognition that these elements are highly unique. There is the further potential that the formal qualities are making a statement on the nature of being broken as containing artistic potentials of aesthetic meaning. References Abts, Tomma. Fewe. 2005. SFMOMAWeb. 29 Oct 2012. . Aldrich, Richard. Untitled. 2010. SFMOMAWeb. 29 Oct 2012. . Read More
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