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Surrealism is a form of art that emerged in the 1920s and was unique. Andre Breton, who indulged in poetry, expressed the initial sediments that led to the development of surrealism. In his opinion, artists needed to adopt a new form of expression that allowed the subconscious mind to control the works of an artist…
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Surrealism and its Inspiration
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"Surrealism and its Inspiration"

Download file to see previous pages When Breton designed the cover of ‘Young Cherry Trees Secure against Hare’s surrealism,’ he brought out a strong message for the audience. In the cover, he transformed the commonly known symbol for freedom that bears the face of a woman and replaced it with his own. He realized that he could use what people had prior knowledge to create an impact. He was advocating for the liberty that artists needed. He was defying the old way of thinking that expected artists to express issues that people knew. It is with this thinking that he founded surrealism (Sepp and Lester 78). With such thinking in the artist’s mind, disorder may result because odd ideas from the subconscious mind come out. One of the famous surrealists of the time was Salvador Dali. Dali started out as a poet but diversified to being an author of books and painter. Dali was a vocal artist who defended his wild pieces of work and asserted that he did not need to understand them himself. As long as they were coming from his subconscious mind, he did not have to hold back from expressing himself. As a result, Dali produced work that amazes anyone seeking to appreciate his pieces of work. One of the images that has evoked the imagination and attention of people over time is the painting Dali named the ‘persistence of memory’. In this painting, he portrayed soft watches hanging on a rock, on a tree and on another surface that is not very clear. The unique thing about these watches is that they are melting. The persistence of memory attracted a lot of interpretation and different opinions on the interpretation. The fact that watches were melting seemed to suggest something that was continuously happening to time. Many guessed that the painting was a reflection of the relativity between...
Surrealism and its Inspiration

This paper will consider how much order one can find in the artwork of some of the surrealist artists. In addition, the paper will consider whether the unrealistic images portrayed have meaning in real life. An analysis of Andre Breton’s description of surrealism because he developed the entire concept will give an insight of the real surrealistic art. Breton was a poet and novelist. There are unique things that happened to Breton that led to the development of surrealism. When he was studying medicine, he got an introduction into Sigmund Freud. Freud was a psychoanalyst who had developed theories explaining the potential of the mind to carry out multiple amazing functions. From these theories, Breton adopted new attitude of writing. Having realized that the mind had potential that he imagined, Breton explored new ways of writing (Sepp and Lester 78). The second influence came from the Dadaists who influenced his thinking. He defied the dada movement later because he wanted an art movement that allowed him to express himself without the need to reason. In 1924, he managed to describe surrealism fully in a manifesto. This manifesto emphasized the power of imagination.

Visual arts have had a significant growth since the early 1900s. As presented in this paper, Surrealism, just like other visual arts has had an interesting history. Worth noting, it is evident that understanding the themes behind surrealistic arts may not be easy. This is because the themes do not appear on the surface. So much disorder seems to appear for interpreter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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