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The War on Democracy - Movie Review Example

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The author of this movie review "The War on Democracy" touches upon John Pilger’s documentary. It is stated that the documentary "The War on Democracy" reveals the typical empire based mindset of the United States and its effects on Latin American governance…
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The War on Democracy
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Extract of sample "The War on Democracy"

Download file to see previous pages The media announced Chavez’s resignation although no such move had been made. On the morning of 12th April 2002, Pedro Comino, a businessman, was sworn in as the new President without any elections. The American media and White House spokespersons supported the anti-Chavez picture. However, the Venezuelan masses took offensively to the new plutocratic government. Massive people protests ensued and hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans surrounded the presidential palace. With the people’s support, the Presidential Guard retook the presidential palace again. Chavez sees the 2002 coup d’état as the acid test of democracy where the poor masses took to the streets in order to defend Chavez and democracy.The US government not only knew about the coup but it also backed the coup through covert funding under the umbrella of U. S. Aid and the National Endowment for Democracy. Some 2 million dollars were distributed in order to make the coup a success. The Venezuelan situation makes it clear that the government of the United States protects its interest at the cost of everything else. Latin American politics was and has been the United States centric. Moves in Washington to protect American interests on the South American continent, the Central American region and the Caribbean are undeniable. The United States has benefited from the cheap oil, gas and other mineral wealth from these regions but the people of these regions have suffered without a doubt. The rising poverty levels, the hoards of people living below the poverty line. and the dictatorial governments supported by the United States have all made the situation worse. The intrusion of the United States government in Latin American political affairs is not new by any means. The CIA removed the Albeniz government in Guatemala in the fifties. The CIA and anti-government factions ran an all out political and military campaign to oust and exile the President. After the ouster, U. S. Vice President Richard Nixon flew into Guatemala to congratulate the new dictator. This is comparable to the Espionage activities diverted against Cuba soon after Castro’s revolution. The four and a half decades long economic war against Cuba by the United States is unquestionable. The ordinary people in Cuba have suffered more than the Castro ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The War on Democracy Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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