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Inception Movie - Essay Example

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This paper presents brief report of the film ‘Inception’ and gives detailed information about its fundamental concept. The film is reminiscent of ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ which somewhat tackles the theme of mind manipulation…
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Inception Movie
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Inception Movie

Download file to see previous pages... The intention of this study is ‘Inception’ as perhaps the most sophisticated and fascinating movie that revolves around the power of the mind and simultaneous to how it can be manipulated. A dream inside a dream and the sharing of this activity enables Dom Cobb and his team to illegally steal information related to corporate espionage through extraction. It starts off with the architect who builds the dreams and designs all of its intricacies. This process goes all too well until projections, which are the person’s subconscious in action, becomes aware that what is happening is not real. These projections turn against the dreamer. The projections are part of the dream and comprise the whole feel that actually adds to make the dream more real but they are at same time the most telling that everything is not in order and retaliates so that a search for the dreamer and the end of the dream ensues. This is why it is important to keep track of reality within a dream to avoid triggering the subconscious toward any suspicion. The main goal of extraction, or in this case inception, is to be able to create a reality that would allow Cobb to grab hold of information that the person hides intently. Specifically in inception, it is the control to let the person come to his own realization to make the idea more compelling. In the world presented in the film, technology not only enables people to explore dreams extensively, it has also instilled the value of protection from such thievery. This is where the inception of Robert Fischer with the idea to break up his father’s empire turned out to make the job terribly difficult as armies are sent instead of the normal human projections. But this is not the most threatening of all the projections. It is the recurrence of Mal that threatens their lives while inside three concurrent dreams. In order to keep off the animosity of projections, the architect plays an important role in the development and creation of dreams. From the start the audience already gets a strong sense that Cobb is the best at what he does but he has been broken by memories of the death of his wife and constant running away from authorities. Ariadne proved to be the most helpful in keeping away the demons that haunt Cobb and in eventually allowing him to confront them and the reality of what happened to his wife. She was the only other architect who was able to parallel him in his prime. Initially, the film had established that the architect plays an important role. When Cobb was supposed to extract information from Saito, the latter was able to tell it was a dream because of the carpet which was a lapse on the part of their previous architect. As Botz-Bornstein aptly puts it, “The architect of dreams must create a place. Space is already there in the cacophony of the subconscious” (p.122). What Ariadne provided are the details, in small or large scale, which was a way to make them partake in the dream. More than her initial task of creating an intrinsic labyrinth so that Cobb may shed away his projections of Mal, Ariadne created sequences upon layers of dreams that made for the believability of their alternate reality. Cobb had cautioned her vehemently, “Never recreate from your memory. Always imagine new places!” (Inception). But mostly this warning was directed by Cobb for his own benefit since it is Mal’s projections that are the worst and ultimately had led them to the abyss that endangered their lives. Ariadne, except for the recurrence of Mal, was the only pivotal female figure that actually exists in real time in the film. The architect provides for development of the story and her strength ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Special Effects in the movie Inception
Nolan’s Inception was released in 2010 and got an amazing response from the critics and viewers around the world. The story of the movie is so interesting and unique that some have dubbed it as the ‘movie of the decade’. Inception is a movie based on a time where the technologically has sufficiently advanced to allow control over a dream.
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Sci-fi. Inception science fiction film
The movie revolves around a thief, Cobb, who steals precious information from the minds of his targets. He does this by projecting into their respective subconscious and sourcing the essential information.
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Debating Cinema and Time in film Inception
The arguments and development of the movie is hinged on strong psychoanalytical and philosophical theories that will obviously convince one to change the way they construe seeing. This is exactly what happens with the inception movie, Leonardo is able to extract the useful information from people in their dream, and this action makes one to review their understanding of what they know about informational storage in the brain and sleep.
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Analysis of the Film Inception
The author of the essay claims that the whole film is characterized by processes that involve fighting through shrouding sheets of reality and dreams, where realities exist within dreams and dreams also exist without realities. Besides, the film always makes the person that is viewing it to be adrift in time and also experience.
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