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American Popular Culture and Comedy - Essay Example

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American Popular Culture and Comedy Seinfeld was a TV sitcom that was initially aired in NBC television. The sitcom was created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. The show was first aired in July 1889 and it had nine seasons that lasted until May 1998. The first setting of the TV show was a predominant apartment in Manhattan state…
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American Popular Culture and Comedy
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Download file to see previous pages This was the overall rating of the TV show. However, individual episodes received ratings that were slightly higher than that of the program. The boyfriend, the Packing Garage, Cheers and Seinfeld are among the greatest sitcoms of all time. The paper wills therefore analyze how these episodes represent the pattern of change in 20 the century TV comedies and TV shows. The paper will also relate the episodes with the work of Joseph Boskin. Seinfeld has been rated among the best TV series in American comedy series. The main aspect that made Seinfeld to have a high rating is its association with American culture. Unlike other comedies and TV series, different episodes of Seinfeld depict or illustrate a pattern of American culture. In addition, the TV show does not mix fiction with reality or emotions and humor. This aspect has enabled Seinfeld to stand out among other American television series or comedy shows aired in the twentieth century. Thus, the differences that stand between Seinfeld and other sitcoms illustrate or depict a pattern through which American comedies and TV series have evolved. Firstly, none of the principal characters in the series is related or has a family connection. This demonstrates a change that came into effect in the first decades of the twentieth century. ...
Seinfeld is also among the first TV shows to introduce storylines that are developed during a performance. Although the characters had a pre-written storyline, most of their performance is based on their immediate experience and interaction. This uniqueness also contributed to the popularity of the sitcom. The phenomenon is widely demonstrated in stage performances particular comedy shows. Comedies performed in the last decades of the twentieth century have had a great dependence of the audience (Wiles 67). In addition, comedians in such shows do not act according to a pre written script but most of their performances are based on the present situations. Thus, a comedian will create his jokes according to the expectations of his audience. Criticizing the audience or an issue of current affairs such as news items also formed major subject in TV shows and comedies. The dependence of criticism and current affairs to create a storyline is dependent on the audience expectations. For instance, the Packing Garage and The Boyfriend have a significant variation in their usage of current affairs and the audience expectations. In addition, nearly all Seinfeld have unique storyline. This is the second factor that differentiates Seinfeld from other conventional sitcoms and television series. The existence of unique storyline for each episode means that each episode also has independent storyline and screenplay (Wiles 67). This also makes the episodes to have unique themes and have flexibility in relation to the audience. This significant factor differentiates Seinfeld from other TV shows and comedies of the twentieth century. The rise of political humor is another significant aspect depicted in Seinfeld. Although political satire had been a major aspect of TV ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American Popular Culture and Comedy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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