The Aid to Self-Valuing Connection and Empowerment as Seen in the Movie Mean Girls - Essay Example

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The Aid to Self-Valuing, Connection and Empowerment as Seen in the Movie Mean Girls Introduction Expressing what is in mind about a certain thing gives a relief of having said it, even if others may not be as interested. Seeing that everyone is capable of thinking and sharing one’s thoughts, there was a need to relate…
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The Aid to Self-Valuing Connection and Empowerment as Seen in the Movie Mean Girls
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"The Aid to Self-Valuing Connection and Empowerment as Seen in the Movie Mean Girls"

It is about a 16-year old Cady who was sent to school for the first time. She was determined that she can cope with the idea, but when faced on mind-conflict teenagers going through these days, she anticipated wrong. The sole purpose of this paper is to explain how communication determines the value of self, how necessary it is in forming groups, and how it helps leaders in empowering members by presenting scenes from the movie Mean Girls. Determining One’s Perception of Self In the movie, Cady relates herself with the new environment. Relating is impossible without Cady talking to people; thus, she gained information and friends through communication. However, if one is doubtful to others, even to himself, he cannot easily make friends. This is when Cady’s thoughts about herself play a role in communication. What one thinks about his/her self is a determinant on how he/she handles interactions. It is the way she perceives herself that greatly matters. As seen in the movie, Cady talks to herself when she thinks--a way of handling herself to her thoughts. According to Maxwell, by making interactions as part of one’s purpose, good relations and “personal success” can be gained (116). It may sound selfish, but it helps in molding one’s perception of self. ...
Unlike Cady, Regina is seen to have a selfish achievement. She had this “Burnbook” where she writes nasty things about her classmates. Though it was Regina’s way of fulfillment, it does not mean that way all the time. Some factors while growing up may have triggered Regina to act and feel this way. This just means that people have different views in their own achievement. Necessary in Building Groups Groups were imperative in Cady’s school. If one doesn’t belong to any group, he either wants to be alone or has unique interest. Cohesiveness of a group is seen on how often the members are together and how common their way of thinking. For example, The Plastics, a group of girls where Regina belongs, has common interests. Members were constantly conscious of their looks; and if one became a part of their group, like Cady finds herself hanging out with them, she should share the same dilemma. By having common ideas, interaction is easy. Empowering Members It is possible that trust had been made, more likely, to at least one member. Maxwell claims them as “leaders” who initiate the connection (94). He pointed out that it is easier to develop authority if one has the skill in acknowledging same shared ideas (3) and has the “initiative” to plunge in “first” (78). The value of taking the lead for Sam Walton has to do with a “lighted match” can do to a “candle” (qtd. in Maxwell 79). The power of Regina is limitless in her group. She was the leader of The Plastics and considered to be “the most plastic of all The Plastics,” as heard in the movie from one of the characters. She says bad things directly to one of her cliques, and good things to people but really meant the other way, which was discovered later by Cady. Regina Read More
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