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Back to The Future 1 - Essay Example

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Name Subject Date Back to the Future 1 Introduction The film “Back to the Future” by Robert Zemeckis intrigues the audience from the very beginning. A great number of various types of clocks and their simultaneous ticking give us a hint about theme of keeping the exact time…
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Back to The Future 1
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Download file to see previous pages Marty and George in 80s represented a different type of relations in the unhappy family. Relations of Marty and George after his trip to 50s became friendlier and their family turned into a successful one. This research paper is focused on relations between a father and a son. The most interesting thing is that a son changes a life of his father and not a father changes a life of his son, as it usually happens. It is appropriate for Robert Zemeckis to project his relations with his father on his films (Thomson 2002, p. 958). A great director was oppressed by his father, because the latter did not believe in his creative potential. Therefore, a model of relations between Marty and George reflects commonly the relations of Zemeckis and his father. Zemeckis grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and was lacking of art. Robert wanted to take his parents' 8 mm home movie camera and delve in the fascinating world of cinema. His desire to go to a film school was intensified after Robert watched the “Bonnie and Clyde” film. Cinema was an enchanting world for a young boy, who wanted to change his daily routine into a fairy tale. Characters of the film From the very beginning of the film the audience is intrigued by a character of Doc Brown, who is introduced through the number of newspaper articles about his bankruptcy, which are aired on the radio and discussed in TV news. There are also many other trifles, which introduce Doc Brown’s character. This man is supposedly a scientist or an amateur inventor. It is evident that inventions of the scientists were not appreciated by the society. Plutonium was stolen by Doc Brown in order to power his time machine. So, there is so much about this scientist, but who is he and which role does he play in the film? Actually, a young boy entering the house of Doc Brown is Marty and his father’s name is George. Doc Brown is a prototype of Marty’s father, a kind of an ideal person, to which this boy feels a great affection and is attracted by his interesting life. It is possible to suppose that Robert Zemeckis expressed his desire for art in his childhood and a character of Doc in this film embodies desirable features of his father. Moreover, Doc is inspired with technology and Robert in his childhood was enchanted by television. Marty came to Doc to have a rest from his blue-collar environment, and Robert Zemeckis looked for such place of aesthetic pleasure while watching films. Marty is lacking of attention of his father and wants to find an opportunity to penetrate into the depths of George’s ideas. Doc gives him a chance to get acquainted with the past of his father and mother. When a magnificent time machine starts working, Marty has an opportunity to go back to 1955 to help his father to live a better life and not the one he has. It should be noted that Robert Zemeckis develops not only an interesting plot of relations between Marty and George, but also paints a pathetic picture of psychological development of Marty. In his juvenile age in 50s he became his father’s rival and wanted to fight for his mother’s heart. There is no even a hint of Oedipus complex, relations between Marty and George happen at different level. Relations between a father and a son are developed as compensating ones: Marty gave an opportunity for his father to overcome his fears in the past and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Back to The Future 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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