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Compare and contrast the themes and acting or visual style of two films direct by Robert Zemeckis, except Back to the Future - Term Paper Example

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Comparison and contrast Robert Zemeckis is the award winning director of the film “Forest Gump” and “Contact”. He has directed a number of films including some most renowned ones, “The Polar Express”, “Forest Gump”, Cast Away”, Contact” and “Back To Future”…
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Compare and contrast the themes and acting or visual style of two films direct by Robert Zemeckis, except Back to the Future
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast the themes and acting or visual style of two films direct by Robert Zemeckis, except Back to the Future"

Download file to see previous pages Both of them were the super hit films of their times. In this paper a comparison and contrast of the central idea of the two films is made by analyzing the scenes of the films in detail. “Contact” presents the ideas about future. Eleanor Arroway believes in SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. As a young astronomer, inspired by her father, she tries to set up a contact between humans and aliens. After a lot of effort she is able to make her first contact with the aliens. This incident fills her with fervor and enthusiasm. She invites the astronomers from the whole world to discuss the matter. When the sound signals are analyzed, it is revealed that the aliens are asking the humans to build a machine. The project is carried on with about half a trillion dollars and the machine is built. Eleanor Arroway volunteers herself to be the passenger of the machine. As the machine is launched, it takes Eleanor to another world where she meets with her father. Her father discloses some facts to her and she is returned back to home without any evidence. The world finds it difficult to believe on the story of Eleanor, but the unrevealed secrets do present a proof to the claim of Eleanor. Meanwhile, during the course of her struggle, she has an affair with Palmer Joss, a spiritual guide. He is the man who believes in Ellie’s tour to space. Although the film is based on fiction, yet it presents a clear theme. The theme of the film is that humans are extraordinary creatures. They have abilities, not known to even themselves. They do not realize their powers. If they try, they can surely bring a revolution in the whole universe. The above discussed theme seems to be persistent throughout the movie. Ellie, as a child, is inspired by her father because he believes in the ultimate powers of human beings and the vastness of the universe. Then, in her life, she struggles with this concept in her mind, and ultimately she is able to develop a contact with the foreign intelligence. Her pursuit to her goal brings her the fruit of success. She is able to make the first human journey into the stars and deep space. This all depicts the central theme of the film that human nature is mysterious. Mysterious in a sense, that no one can predict; how far the end point of human approach is. This theme of the film is strong enough to convince its viewers. We see thousands of new discoveries and inventions in our daily life. Everyday thousands of scientific innovations are presented throughout the world. We can not say; when this unbroken series of inventions and discoveries will end. The newer and newer inventions and discoveries tell us that human nature is indeed mysterious. There is no end point to it. The main idea of the film is also supported when Ellie meets her father in the other world. The appearance of her father, as an alien, does not look so inspiring. The use of a typical alien appearance should have been better, instead of Ellie’s father. But, the points argued by her father are really strong. He speaks, to her, of the vast approach of human power. He attributes the development of contact and the making of the machine to humans. He tells her that humans are worth a lot. They see beautiful dreams and horrible nightmares. They can visualize their ideas by transforming these into real. Her father’s words act a source of great inspiration for her, to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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