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Perception Key Rothko and Arp and Conception Key City Planning - Essay Example

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Name Rothko and Arp: City Planning Class name Class number Name Address Phone e-mail Index Introduction…………………………………………………….3 Perception Key Rothko and Arp (Chapter 5 page 104)…………3 City Planning…………………………………………………….4 The Guggenheim as Architectural Sculpture…………………6 Conclusion…………………………………………………….8 References………………………………………………….9 Introduction The subjectivity of modern art leaves it open to many interpretations…
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Perception Key Rothko and Arp and Conception Key City Planning
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Download file to see previous pages The colors appear primary, with the exception of the lack melded borders around the rectangular shape in the upper portion of the painting. In contrast, the curvaceous work entitled, Growth, by Arp, seems to radiate femininity. A profile perspective of the piece seems to indicate, though not definitively outline, a female subject matter. Despite its marble material, the work curves and invites the viewer in the way it is rendered suggesting a bold sensuality. Both works are compelling and move he viewer to think more deeply as to the artist’s intentions and mood at the time of rendering and conceiving the finished piece. Perception Key Rothko and Arp (Chapter 5 page 104) 1. And 2. Would you like to touch either of these works? Would you expect either the Rothko or the Arp to feel hot or cold to your touch? Rothko’s, Earth Greens and Arp’s, Growth, are both works that one would want to touch. Arps’s rendering is inviting and the white marble would expect it to be cool to the touch. If the image were to come to life it would seem fluid, and sensually warm. However, as it is presented, the marble would appear to be cool to the touch while Rothko’s Earth Greens evokes a different sensational feeling. The canvas has a naturally warm feeling. The red is bold and the black around the edges of it almost see to indicate a red so hot it was scorched. 3. Which work seems to require the more careful placement of lighting? Why? Both works would be affected by the lighting around them. The Rothko is so bold that bright lights would seem to cause it to appear even more powerful. Dim lights would wash the colors out a bit. With Arp’s work lighting is exceptionally important to the three dimensional quality of it. In photos of the statue the lighting changes the look of the work immensely. The curves shadow differently depending on the light Bright lights would enhance the white of the marble. The work almost morphs in different lighting as though it is moving. 4. Which of the two works appears to be the more unchangeable in your perception? 5. Why do the authors claim that Earth Greens is more abstract than Growth: Can you think of other reasons for example, the shapes in the two works? The Rothko piece is far more stagnant. The rectangle and square seem solid as if holding their ground and unmovable. Earth Greens is far more abstract than Growth as it has less dimension and eaves he viewer with shape and color. Growth has form in three dimensions that indicates either a figure of a woman or at the very least representation of the feminine in the curves and sensations that emanate from viewing it City Planning 1. Do you think the city ought to be saved? Why not just spread out, without, the centralized functions of a city: what advantages does the city alone have? What still gives glamour to such cities as Florence, Venice, Rome, Paris, Vienna, and London? New York City is a magnificent city that has seen serious change over the last twenty-five years. During the 1980’s New York City was dirty dangerous and graffiti covered. To his credit Mayor Giuliani did an amazing job of cleaning the city during his two terms. The graffiti is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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