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Promoting Global Tolerance through the Film Industry - Essay Example

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Visual Arts and Film Studies "Promoting global tolerance through the film industry - What are the religious, cultural, racial and ethnic characteristics modern films seek to portray and could these be made better?" Introduction The media is a very powerful tool that has a lot of influence all the world over…
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Promoting Global Tolerance through the Film Industry
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Download file to see previous pages But in much the same way, the media, of which film and television production is part could be used to propagate a lot of good acts and correct several wrongs (Hirschfeld, 2006, 69). It is in light of this that this present research work in the film and television industry is being conducted to identify ways by which movies could be used to foster global tolerance. By global tolerance, reference is being made to ethnic, religious, racial and cultural tolerance. In the current industry research therefore, I shall interview key players in the movies industry to seek from them ways by which movies can play the role of uniting the world and promoting global tolerance. Again, views shall be sought from the interviewees on whether or not it is necessary to have a regulatory body that should censor movies to ensure that their themes are directed towards the promotion of global tolerance. Furthermore, the efforts that have been put in place by movie makers so far shall be analysed. Sample I selected one movie director, who is also a renowned scriptwriter and a film critic, who also doubled as a renowned film producer. The movie director and writer is Lenny Harvey, who works for Ultimate Paradise Movie Productions whiles the critic and producer is Frank Adams, who works for Graphic Motion Studio. I estimated that Harvey and Adams were people who knew all about movie production from its pre-production stage to the production stage and then the post production stage. To this effect, they were in an excellent position to provide useful data that were based on facts to the various questions that I had for them. The two interviewees were selected from two different movie production houses, which were Ultimate Paradise Movie Production in Texas and Graphic Motion Studio in Los Angeles. This was done to ensure fairness in the data collection procedure. Again, while answering questions from the interview, the interviewees were made to make references to only films and movies that had been done by other people and not to use their own works as reference points. This was also done to ensure a very high level of fairness and elimination of biases in the responds received from them. Data Collection Procedure As indicated earlier, I made use of interview as a data collection instrument for the research.The interview was considered very appropriate because the general approach to the research was a qualitative approach instead of a quantitative approach. Because this was a qualitative research, I wanted the data collection procedure to be based on ethical sentiments and awareness creation instead of statistical fact finding. This means that the use of interview was to afford I to ask a lot of leading questions that would set the tone of the research for a brainstorming exercise, aimed at finding an intervention to solve an existing problem. The interview conducted was a face to face interview that involved me, visiting the interviewees on a set date. This was done after permission was sought from the interviewees to seek their consent for the interview through a formal letter. An average of one hour was spent with each interviewee where I asked the interviewees various questions that bordered on how the movie industry can be used to sensitize the whole world on the need to ensure global tolerance in terms of cultural, ethical, racial and religious awareness and acceptance. Before the actual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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