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Edward Muybridge - Essay Example

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Edward Muybridge – 19th c. sequential photography Eadweard James Muybridge or Edward Muybridge was a British photographer, but carried out his work and spent majority of his life time in United States, particularly California. After immigration to US, he became famous when he took large photographs of the Yosemite Valley in California…
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Edward Muybridge
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Download file to see previous pages Muybridge through a series of photographs featuring a galloping horse supported Stanford’s assertion of how during a full gallop, the horse’s front and the hind legs extended maximally, thereby making it off the ground. Muybridge further supported this assertion of “unsupported transit” through the use of more technical equipments, like zoopraxiscope. It is “a lantern he developed that projected images in rapid succession onto a screen from photographs printed on a rotating glass disc, producing the illusion of moving pictures.” (“Eadweard Muybridge”). When he showed the horses’ gallop in a fast moving manner through zoopraxiscope, he was able to convince many regarding the unsupported transit theory. Thus, Muybridge photographic study on animal locomotion is a path breaking one, not attempted by other photographs and it led to the formation of various give scientific theories regarding animal locomotion. In addition, it also had cultural impacts in the way horses were looked and trained. Muybridge’s development of Zoopraxiscope and the resultant running images acted as the inspiration for the development of movie cameras and thereby development of cinemas. “Zoopraxiscope is an important predecessor of the modern cinema” (“Eadweard Muybridge”). Although we know Lumiere Brothers has the developers of the first cinema, the role of Muybridge in that evolution cannot be overlooked. George Melies – early film Georges Melies was a French magician and filmmaker, who is known for his innovative technical tricks in filmmaking, and other narrative developments during the initial stages of filmmaking. He started his foray into the entertainment business by purchasing Theatre Robert Houdin. There he conducted performances which revolved around magic tricks as well as illusionist techniques, thereby bringing out an interesting aspect of French Culture. When the Lumiere brothers showcased their first moving picture and the camera, which captured those pictures, Melies wanted to buy that camera. As there was no favorable response from the Lumiere brothers, Melies purchased another motion picture camera from UK, and started making his own films. “Melies' first films were straightforward cityscapes and event films, but soon he was using the camera to document magic acts and gags from the stage of the Theatre Robert-Houdin” (Larson). Even while making those sorts of films, purely by accident Melies discovered how the camera can be manipulated to create special efforts. He expanded those initial tricks to come up with complex special effects. It was widely regarded that he only pioneered the first double exposure shots, the first split screen with actors acting opposite of themselves, and also the first dissolve through double or multiple exposure shots, “he was able to create an illusion of people and objects appearing and disappearing at will, or changing from one form to another.” (Larson). In addition, Melies was one of the key pioneers who by editing or stringing a series of independently shot scenes, made it into sizably long short films. Although, Mielies was not able to continuously achieve success in the cinema field, his is still regarded as one of the pioneers of the camera based special effects. . Shepard Fairey – ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Edward Muybridge Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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