Critical Analysis: Godfather by Francis Ford Coppola and Casino by Martin Scorsese - Essay Example

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[Name of of Instructor] Critical Analysis: Godfather by Francis Ford Coppola and Casino by Martin Scorsese Film like other forms of art has for decades been a very important tool in analyzing the society and bringing about discourses that people would not engage in conventionally…
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Critical Analysis: Godfather by Francis Ford Coppola and Casino by Martin Scorsese
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Download file to see previous pages An analysis of the brutal and bloody depiction of the American society by the movies Godfather and Casino leaves one to wonder whether films are merely for entertainment or they carry strong messages, whether they just create form or function, or whether they engage in meta-reality or meta-fiction. Although released almost two decades apart from each other, the films manage to depict the state of crime in two different periods in history leaving one to wonder whether that was the state of the society. By engaging in dichotomous discourse with regard to these two films it is also possible to extrapolate the findings to other forms of visual art in the contemporary art such as 3D animated movies and reality shows. The audience needs to understand the exact roles played by films in the contemporary society. In engaging in these dichotomous discourses the society can once more regain confidence in visual arts and make informed decisions on the types of films they should watch. Communication Vs Entertainment. When we consider films as forms of art we assume that films have the dual role of educating the society and acting as a form of entertainment. ...
ning the family tradition of crime and drugs and embracing the emerging family values in the midst of crime infested American neighborhood (Film Site). The Casino in an even more brutal fashion depicts two individuals who lose all the natural restraints towards engaging in vices to the extent that they eventually die (Saravia). The two films are communicating to the audience and acting as forms of entertainment. The 20th and the 21st centuries have seen human beings slowly adopt more sadistic and unconventional forms of entertainment. The Godfather in general seems to glorify evil and even influence the audience to perceive crime as something that is acceptable in certain circumstances. Emphasis on the personalities of the characters is one of the approaches employed in the film to evoke empathy from the audience. The film went on to win several awards indicating how the society had embraced a film that in the post-modernism fashion had been utterly unpredictable. The Casino also exposes the audience to the excesses of two individuals who have given themselves to crime and self-pleasure. Money is obtained through unconventional ways and that casino where the movie is primarily set acts as a hub for a string of corrupt deals and criminal activities. In essence, these activities actually entertain the audience much like watching illegal street fights where two fighters go at each other with such brute and hatred where only one will survive (Wartenberg 12). The message being sent by these two films is also rather disturbing. The films depict crime as enjoyable and even adventurous in a fashion that can confuse the minds of teenagers. In the Godfather Don seeks to recruit his son who has just been from war to the family business that involved organized crime and drugs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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