A Different Life or Start Over With Different Issues or Problems - Essay Example

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The paper describes the play, Beauty by Jane Martin, the main characters portray their lives as not desirable, and they wish to change their present status. Their actions clearly indicate how individuals tend to be not content with their lives despite what they have. …
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A Different Life or Start Over With Different Issues or Problems
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Download file to see previous pages The play Beauty is about two girls, Bethany and Carla. Their lives and personalities are developed through dialogue. Bethany is intelligent, and Carla is a beauty, and each has her own troubles. Bethany desires to become a beauty just like Carla, and her dream comes true through the assistance of a magic genie. Carla is a beauty, and she is the centre of attraction by the men. She is always busy going to dates and having telephone conversations. However, she is not very good at studying and this can be ascertained by the fact that she cannot even remember what she has read previously. Bethany, on the other hand, is outstanding in school. She earns $40,000 from her job, and she has published several short stories. However, she is not as beautiful as Carla, and this makes her desire to become a beauty (Fryfreely 1). As mentioned before, Beauty by Jane Martin is a play, and she introduces the main characters through dialogue. The first, main character is Carla, and she is seen speaking on the phone with a casual suitor that she had met at the bar, and she seems not to remember the suitor. From this scenario, it is evident that Carla possesses some form of beauty that grabs male attention even without any real interaction. Her beauty can be ascertained when she mentions that she has to attend a modelling meeting with Ralph Lauren. The second main character is Bethany; she is one of Carla’s friend and apparently a very good friend because she minds less interrupting Carla on the phone. She does this despite the fact that Carla requests her to be quiet. Bethany is a public accountant, and her job is very demanding. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A Different Life or Start Over With Different Issues or Problems Essay)
A Different Life or Start Over With Different Issues or Problems Essay. https://studentshare.org/visual-arts-film-studies/1449396-beauty-by-jane-martin.
“A Different Life or Start Over With Different Issues or Problems Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/visual-arts-film-studies/1449396-beauty-by-jane-martin.
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