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The Patriot - Movie Review - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date The Patriot-Movie Review This paper intends to review the film, The Patriot, released in 2000 and the director is Roland Emmerich. The movie stars Mel Gibson (Benjamin Martin), Heath Ledger (Gabriel Martin), Joely Richardson (Charlotte Selton), and Chris Cooper (Col…
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The Patriot - Movie Review
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Download file to see previous pages Having served in a war, Benjamin fully understands the implication of the war in terms of casualties and destruction. Freedom comes at a costly price but other citizens seem to lack this sobriety and are only infatuated with feelings of victory. In the bid to gain independence, the State gathering at Charleston endorses a war. Instantly, the state is plunged into unexpected violence and the British perpetrate unfathomable atrocities on the American Civilians. Thesis Statement: The theme of determination and emotional turmoil is greatly prevalent in the film, The Patriot. Most young men wanted to enlist in the Continentals, The United States Army. Gabriel, Benjamin’s son is no exception. Initially, Benjamin succeeds in preventing this enlistment. Upon the onset of war, Benjamin’s hands are tied and he half-heartedly allows Benjamin to join the war. The Crown’s army is far superior in terms of armory and the soldiers clearly outnumber the Continentals. All around there are remnants of destroyed property and hanging corpses of civilians in areas conquered by England. Any sane person can establish that America will lose and wise people like Benjamin attest that, the war was won before it began. The family is deeply disheveled as they worry about Gabriel. Gabriel’s return from war forms a most profound scene and it is also the film’s turning point. ...
When the head of the British regiment, William Tavington makes a call to the house to appreciate Benjamin’s generosity, an incriminating letter is confiscated from Gabriel by the British. Gabriel is mercilessly sentenced to hang for treason by the ruthless colonel despite Benjamin’s pleading. In the midst of this mayhem, his younger brother Thomas intervenes in an attempt to save his brother. Colonel Tavington does not hesitate and he shoots Thomas. The image of a helpless Benjamin clutching onto his dead son will be permanently etched in my mind. His pitiful face was so startling and I deeply empathized with him. This state of grief is representative of what Americans felt during the revolutionary war as they helplessly experienced the demise of their loved ones. The death of his son was so devastating, and in response, a warring spirit was stirred up in Benjamin. The once passive Benjamin resolved to take an active role in the revolutionary war, more so to avenge the death of his son. These events gave way to another violent yet moving scene. The atrocities committed by the colonel had fueled Benjamin’s rage and in this state of fury, he resolved to go after the British regiment that was about to hang his son. He handed rifles to his two sons. They all set off to take down an entire regiment! Benjamin, being a native, possessed an upper hand over the enemy as he had a good masterly of the terrain. He leads his sons to a strategic point where they lay in wait to ambush the British. It’s amazing how his son’s shot are right on point. They have been taught well by their father and his mantra is, “aim small, miss small”. This scene is well orchestrated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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