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Mexican Film Maker's Concepts of the Movies Bible and 21 Grams - Movie Review Example

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The paper “Mexican Film Maker’s Concepts of the Movies Bible and 21 Grams” investigates the movies’ plots, in which the director Iñárritu’s portrayed the struggle for existence and the internal conflicts, thoughts about life and death of the Moroccan, Japanese and Mexican immigrants in the US…
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Mexican Film Makers Concepts of the Movies Bible and 21 Grams
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Extract of sample "Mexican Film Maker's Concepts of the Movies Bible and 21 Grams"

Download file to see previous pages Being a Mexican director, Alejandro González Iñárritu possesses a distinctive approach towards the depiction of ideas and philosophies through his films. His movies especially focus upon the issues related to the historical backgrounds and problems of the nations and ethnic communities. The portrayal of the varied nature of problems and challenges in the movies indicate his impressive storytelling style.
González Iñárritu uses to reflect his perceptions about Mexico, USA as well as about the entire world in his movies and strives to share his emotions and feelings with the audiences regarding the Mexican and American society in the context of international politics. In his movies 21 Grams and Babel also, the story revolves around the people of different nations confronting different challenges. These movies have been created in the backdrop of some specific geographical and historical facts that have ultimate effects on the lives of the people living in these countries. The internal struggles, feelings, emotions, and perceptions of people of different nationalities and social classes are also impressively captured in these movies.
The following essay aims to analyze two popular movies directed by González Iñárritu in order to compare the messages delivered by the director in these movies. The essay compares 21 Grams and Babel and examines how the director has used these movies as a platform to tell people about his perceptions about the American where he used to live and work for several years. At the same time, the movies also tell about his perception about his own Mexican world where he was born and spent a major portion of his life. The essay points out the connection between the two worlds and two societies that he has explained through the plots of these two movies. The entire discussion aims to discuss the importance and relevance of the director’s ideas conveyed in these movies in the perspective of the world politics of the current era.     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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