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The Hunger Games (Book and Film) - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Hunger Games (Book and Film) The Hunger Games has a modern take on dystopian sci-fi, while, at the same time, adopted into a movie. It is a story whose setting is in a dystopian future whereby a that is brutal, as well as totalitarian, chooses a young male and female from every one of the twelve districts it rules so that they can participate in a fight whereby they fight to death while this fight shown live on television…
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The Hunger Games (Book and Film)
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Download file to see previous pages Hopefully, they are capable of helping us in being prudent, as well as careful when it comes to making decisions in that these utopian dreams do not end up being policy-state nightmares (Collins 12). The word dystopia comes from the Greek sources dys-, signifying obscene or difficult, while topos, stands for place; therefore dystopia means a dreadful place, characterized by the dejection of the human spirit, extensive misery, malaise, as well as hopelessness. This is a place whereby people tend to endure what seems like superficial or unsatisfying lives deprived of meaning. Life has turned out to be full of possibilities that are unlocking at a speed that is unpredictable between thrilling and terrifying. Though there is some familiarity, this situation seems to be familiar and safe, while at the same time continuing to tug people; however, in spite of their desire to get away from it, it is impossible considering that, their old life constricts as much as it comforts. As a result, they get their drive from both their inner need, as well as their outside pressures in making choices. Meanwhile, the authorities that people look up to tend to be not only to be manipulative, but also harsh; while they are the ones creating the larger world, whereby they are extremely busy shoving the people into. These people in the high authorities have failed in correcting this mess, both in their personal lives and society. In covering up their mess, they want people to get out there and mend their mistakes especially at a moment when worry over the looming collapse of their entire socio-economic structure is about to be uncovered. This makes the world not only cruel, but also scary, even dystopian (George, Nicolas & William 15). This is the life that the modern world revolves around; the only people who are incapable imagining how terrible this situation, despite the fact that they are living this life are the teenagers. This is an era consumed with economic uncertainty, conspiracy theories, not forgetting the fear of environmental collapse. Although the Western civilization was accredited for producing literary utopias, in the past century of world wars, murderous, totalitarian regimes, nuclear threat, as well as ?nancial panics, dystopias have by far outnumbered sunny projections due to a number of orders of magnitude. This has led to pessimistic depictions concerning the future everywhere in the popular culture; unfortunately, teens and teen books are incapable of escaping these larger trends in society. This is a clear indication of the origins of dystopia (Karen, Craig & Patrick 27). Recently, dystopian literature ha been compared to utopian, which has particularly been inspired by the trends of industrialization, class conflict, rationalization, together with the increasing pace of change. Apparently, these things have only turned out to be more pronounced as time passes by, together with the addition issues such as environmental destruction, gender equality, as well as racial bigotry (Pepper 36). Similarly to being the case with The Hunger Games, there are issues such as the age that have also played a key role in this matter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...arrival of Katniss back to the district. The movie also leaves out some minor characters from the book. One of a character is a girl who helped Katniss when she was preparing for the games. She regrets having not saved her after she was labeled a traitor, and her tongue cut off in the book. This is however not brought out in the movie. Finally, the movie changes some of the scenes such as the murder of the Thresh by Cato after helping Katniss. The movie stages this as from wild dogs brought into the game by the organizers to help eliminate the participants. The book, however, puts Thresh’s murder as the work of Cato to help the author stage down the...
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