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The Beatles Analysis - Essay Example

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The Beatles The Beatles are arguably the most influential music and performance band in the diverse history of rock and roll. The original Beatles band was comprised of John Lennon who played the rhythm guitar, Paul McCartney who was the second lead guitarist, George Harrison who was the lead guitarist, Stuart Sutcliffe who played the bass guitar, and Tommy Moore who played the drums…
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The Beatles Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The band managed to produce many films that include A Hard Day’s Night, Help, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine, Abbey road, and Let It Be (Neaverson, 1997, p.1). The band had immense influence on rock and roll music that saw them to greater commercial success and a controversial change of US global dominance from rock and roll to UK acts, changes in fashion, from soloists to groups, and from professional songwriters to self-penned songs (Medhurst, 1995, p 65). In addition, Ringo Starr who was one of the Beatle members left an impact in the film industry. In addition, many tales area also associated with the band. Their unique way of narration, characterization, music, and performance made them legends in this industry. However, the band separated later on in 1970 because of the death of the Beatles' manager, disagreements on his replacement, Brian Epstein in 1967,the marriage of Lennon and Yoko Ono, the release of let it be, and participation of Lennon in the Toronto Rock 'n' Roll Revival Festival. The remaining members were called The Silver Beatles.” This essay will analyze the A Hard Day's Night and Yellow Submarine films by the Beatles. A Hard Day's Night The film came out on 10 July 1964, and comprised of seven sound tracks. The Beatles had reasons to be skeptical about appearing in pop musicals and specifically on the A Hard Day's Night. The bands lacked any formal acting experience and hence, were initially not ready to participate in the film. Due to their demeaning confidence in the cast and subsequent profitability of the film, the United Artists' budget for A Hard Day's Night was considerably set at a low ?200,000 where the Beatles were to receive ?20,000, and 7% of the net profits. music The soundtrack of the film contained Can't Buy Me Love’, ‘Tell Me Why’, ‘If I Fell’, ‘I Should Have Known Better’, ‘I’m Happy Just to Dance with You’, and ‘And I Love Her’. A Hard Day's Night became the opening title and its recording took place shortly before the completion of shooting. Indeed, the song came because of the film lacking an original title. As such, the music used especially, A Hard Day's Night develops the stars and film. Actually, Lennon had one evening to write the song and one day to play it to the producer of the film. Due to dangers posed by the railway transport, the cast had to change routes to avoid risky actions of their fans. Characterization shows the character's appearance, displays the character’s actions, reveals the character’s thoughts, lets the character speaks, and, gets the reactions of the audience. The cast of the film took place at various London locations and its recording took place at Twickenham studios in a record eight weeks. The haste involved and the short time limits created a work backlog for the Beatles. The members had a number of commitments that included attending awards ceremonies, making appearances on British television, shooting the film, and completing the soundtrack album. Indeed, Lennon took one evening to compose the soundtrack and present it while Lester had to shoot parts of a group sequence without Lennon, who was committed somewhere else. At some point, the information on the film would have leaked as the Beatles travelled by train from locations to studios and other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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