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The significance of British Board of Film Classification in British Film Industry - Essay Example

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The Significance of British Board of Film Classification in British Film Industry The Relevance of Film Classification: Every art form is a medium for the expression of opinion of the artist. Movies, being sources of entertainment for the public, have a larger scope for mass appeal…
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The significance of British Board of Film Classification in British Film Industry
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Download file to see previous pages From a social perspective, such contents are considered as inappropriate to some segments of the prospective audience, especially children. Thus, it becomes necessary to classify movies into certain categories so that the audience can be guided as to which movie is suitable for viewing by a specific group of individuals. In this context, it is relevant that viewing of inappropriate content, especially scenes depicting graphic sex or violence, frightening images and coarse language etc can negatively impact children who are in the developmental stage. Young children as well as teenagers also have a tendency to try or imitate what they view on the movie or TV screens. Besides, they also lack the maturity and intellectual as well as psychological faculties to take informed decisions about what is proper or distinguish the real from what they view on the screen. Therefore, from a sociological perspective, it becomes the responsibility of not only the parents but also the society and governments to ensure that art forms do not expose children and teenagers to inappropriate content. Thus, movie rating or classification has come into practice, with a view to “help parents to protect children and teenagers from inappropriate contents” (Rating the Movies 2010). ...
Therefore, a general need was felt to implement a standard procedure for classifying the movies being produced in Britain, through a single regulatory authority. Thus, the film industry of Britain instituted the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) in 1912, as an “independent, self financing not for profit media content regulator” (Mission Statement 2011), with a view to make them act as a trustworthy guide for the public in advising them about the suitability of the content for specific segments. This organisation has “exercised responsibilities over cinema” classification for about 100 years and for videos for about 27 years from 1985, pursuant to the Video Recording Act 1984, passed by the parliament (Student’s British Board of Film 2005, p. 1). According to their mission statement, they seek to function as a labelling service provider, for media content, whose main objectives are as under: - a) Prevent the public especially children, from exposure to “content which might raise harm risks” (Mission Statement 2011). b) Help the public in general, and parents in particular to “make informed viewing choices” (Mission Statement 2011). c) To ensure that “adult freedom of choice” (Mission Statement 2011) is honoured while adhering to relevant laws on the subject. d) Take into the consideration the changes occurring in “social attitudes towards media content and respond to them through consultation with the public as well as appropriate research” (Mission Statement 2011). e) Working within statutory constraints to facilitate a “cost effective, efficient classification service” (Mission Statement 2011). f) Maintain a close rapport with the film ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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