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Analyzing Messages carried in an Advertisement Human communication is commonly presumed to rely on hearing and interpreting textual information. However, it must be realized that visual information is more powerful than these two mediums put together…
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Analyzing Messages Carried in an Advertisement
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Download file to see previous pages A meticulously construed advertisement has the power to deliver the same meaning to a host of different people through its overwhelmingly powerful imagery and symbolism. The advertisement under discussion (please see Appendix ‘A’) represents a strong combination of visual symbols that produce provocative thought in order to stimulate one to buy. The central symbol or icon is a Lolita who is depicted as being totally nude. The point in using a Lolita is rather simple – creating desire. In the Greek era, young boys embodied the essence of beauty and hence desire. The tale of Narcissus for example tends to highlight that Greek sexuality centered largely on the beauty and desirability of young boys. In a similar manner, modern Western civilization sees young girls as the embodiment of beauty and desire. The concept of Lolita has come to signify the ultimate object of desire for most in the Western world when it comes to sexuality. The advertisement uses this symbol as a central focus for anyone viewing the advertisement so that the concept of desire becomes the theme of this advertisement. In addition using the concept of Lolita has another deeply seated purpose. ...
The perfume being advertised is nonetheless meant for the female audience and there would seem little point in creating desire between one woman viewing the advertisement and another posing suggestively naked in it. Rather than promote attraction between women, the advertisement is targeted to the female audience’s sexual sides so that, as mentioned before, female viewers are able to bring their own sexual side into focus. Women viewing this advertisement are provided with a strong statement along with a provocative question. The central icon is without a doubt beautiful and desirable which is a strong statement2. On the other hand, the female viewers of this advertisement ask themselves if they are like this central icon which represents a provocative question. The contention of the advertisement’s designer is to bring forth such a comparison so that the viewer asks themselves what they would require in order to be like the Lolita in the middle of the advertisement. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind when analyzing this advertisement is the projection of a Lolita who is desirable yet unattainable. The image of the girl in the middle hints at this in two different ways – the confident and self-assured look on her face provides one justification while the method she uses to place her arms near her waist signifies her personal assurance. This methodology again is not meant for the male audience but rather for the female audience who are shown a beautiful woman who is playing hard to get. The use of such symbols to provide the image of a beautiful, desirable yet hard to get Lolita is something that nearly every woman from every demographic segment wants to become. It could thus be said that the portrayal of this young ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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