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The Movie: the Mother 1926 - Essay Example

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The present study “The Movie: the Mother 1926” aims to analyze the movie belonging to the most initial years in the history of film entertainment industry. The critics view two major reasons behind watching the movie, which was produced with the motif of social and political reforms…
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The Movie: the Mother 1926
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Extract of sample "The Movie: the Mother 1926"

Download file to see previous pages The critics view two major reasons behind watching movies on various topics. One of the most important reasons behind doing the same includes enjoying with the romance, thrill, action, and love etc being presented through movies; the other one is seeking of information about the history, culture, civilization, and traditions attributed to one or more regions or states of the world. Consequently, the films are produced on the subjects including romance, scientific topics, action, politics, society, and culture etc. In addition, low-rated films are also produced for the cheep and inferior entertainment including carnal desires and lustful pleasures. However, such films are made just for the sake of low-grade entertainment and destroy the moral values of the public at large. It is therefore not only this that these films are not included in the mainstream movies, but also such condemnable pictures undergo strong opposition from the religious, social, rational and prudent circles. The present paper aims to evaluate the various aspects of the Russian movie under the title The Mother, which was produced with the motif of social and political reforms to be introduced in the Russian society of early 20th century. It was the time when Soviet Russia was undergoing turmoil and disintegration, as different factions and groups were at daggers drawn against one another in the name of freedom, justice, and equality. The writer and director have skillfully elucidated the pathetic condition the poor strata of Russia observed. The film also pointed out towards the exploitation of the haves at the hands of haves-not in the sacred name of justice, liberty and fair-play. The film also looks for bringing reforms in the judicial, bureaucratic and prisons systems of Soviet Russia, so that the people could be set free from the awkward clutches of exploitations and maltreatment. Background: The film under analysis, with a historical background, serves as a wonderful description of domestic, cultural, social and political environment of the Soviet Russia soon after the outbreak of the famous Red Revolution of Russia that had taken place in 1917 during the peak of WWI, where the royal system of government and Tsarist-regime were overthrown by the Socialists in order to establish the purported people’s government on the principles of socialism including equality, justice, and fraternity. Since the revolution had got the attention of the people in the name of equal distribution of resources and wealth, the masses had associated very high hopes with it. Somehow, when the power got transferred from the Tsar to the cruel and ruthless opportunists, all the dreams the Russian had once developed dashed to the ground eventually. As a result, the nation was divided into several groups, where the intellectuals and reformers were persecuted, tried and severe punishments and sentences were announced against them.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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