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The Children of Heaven Film Analysis - Essay Example

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Author Tutor Course Date The Children of Heaven Film Analysis Introduction The movie “Children of Heaven” brings out family values and the success that comes to hard working family. The movie brings out clearly the urban setting of Iran. It describes how the environment is, its design and the culture of the people residing in the area…
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The Children of Heaven Film Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages For example, the designing of houses in areas lived by the poor is different from the ones lived by the rich. The houses in areas lived by the poor families are crowded leaving a small area between one house to the next. In the case of the areas lived by the rich, the buildings are scattered leaving a large space from one building to the next building (Children of Heaven). The road network in the urban area depends with the individuals living in the area. There are narrow streets in the areas of residence of the poor; since the common mode of transport is either by foot or using bicycles. However, in areas occupied by the rich, the roads are wide to accommodate even parking for vehicles. There is good utilization of land in the area since, if a land is not occupied by a building, then there would be trees, fish ponds, or flowers occupying the space. For example, in the school compound, it is either the land is occupied by trees or buildings. The roads connecting to other areas are well constructed with trees on either side. The design of houses differs in the area. There are small houses and big houses depending on the area. The small, affordable houses are found in areas occupied by the poor while enormous buildings are found in the areas occupied by the rich (Children of Heaven). ...
There is no water problem in the areas of residence. The area is well served with a sewerage system, which keeps the urban area clean. For example, this is well depicted when one of the shoes of Ali’s sister falls in sewage water. The sewage is not stagnant but flowing. The urban area is well covered with street lights that provide lighting during the night. The urban area where the rich reside is well covered with trees, which gives an aspect of a well preserved environment. The urban area is not overpopulated, and finding traffic jams is not possible. The urban environment is clean with no duping. Planting of trees on either sides of the roads provide a serene environment. The urban environment is well suited for agriculture in some areas. This is seen where Ali’s father gets a gardening job in the rich city area. The environment supports rearing of fish, which is depicted by the presence of fish ponds in the movie (Children of Heaven). Most vehicles are found in the rich city, but the roads are wide thus, eliminating the possibility of traffic jams. From the movie, it is evident that the people in the urban area have a culture. The schools in the area seem to be dominated by Muslims. Hence, the people practice Islamic culture. There are less childcare practices; this is evident where Ali and her sister are left alone to attend their homework. The people of the area seek medical assistance from qualified doctors. This is seen when Ali’s mother attends hospital for treatment. The people in the area have a culture of being educated (Children of Heaven). This is evidenced by the presence of a school that children of the area attend. The people have different ways of constructing their houses. The presence of fish ponds indicates that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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