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Instructor Date Rain by Maria Govan Summary Maria Govan’s film, Rain, is an indigenous motion picture revolving around a teenager, Rain by name, in the land of the Bahamas islands. Maria Govan’s main intention is to describe a darker side of the Bahamas that tourists have not been able to witness in the past years…
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The World Film Journal- the movie Rain by Maria Govan
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Download file to see previous pages To her dismay, Rain discovers that her mother stays in Graveyard, which is a neighborhood for desperately poor people living within HIV-AIDS. Glory’s life revolves around drugs despite the high level of poverty experienced at the island ( When Rain reaches the Graveyard which, as Magdaline explains, is a land that becomes difficult to leave when someone gets in it, she starts new harsh life. When Rain realizes that the life in Graveyard is too harsh, she sets to discover her strength. Amazingly, Rain discovers that she is good at running, and she joins the team that is to represent the Bahamas in track events. However, training and equipment become non-affordable for her until Mrs. Adams assists her. Mrs. Adams gives Rain a light but touching lecture on determination, zeal, and acceptance in a bid to make her (Rain) stronger and more focused onto attaining her goals and objectives through running ( Magdaline’s quest to run for Miss Bahamas Contest gives Rain motivation and courage that there are people in her environment who can survive and stay away from drugs. It is amazing that when Rain requires fifty dollars to register in a school, Glory is unable to find the sum, yet she spends approximately fifty dollars or more a day on drugs. She is forced to save for at least three months to obtain the money. This film is all about a young girl who finds herself between dread environment and confrontation of the fact that she wants to live with someone she has never known before, thus, reaching out for her inner self to find the best out of her ( Narrative Structure Maria Govan reaches out to the audience through striking a visual sense aimed at providing a reflection of contrasts existing between idyllic setting and the harsh realities found within the Bahamas. Such visual sense enhances visualization of the actual picture by the viewers, thus, making it easier to follow the main idea of the film. Rain’s grandmother cautioned her against going to look for the mother. Nonetheless, after the grandmother’s demise, Rain visualizes sense that she can barely care for herself, hence, the search for her mother. In the foreign land, Rain also visualizes some sense from the behavior and lifestyle of the mother, hence, does not give up in her quest to finding the best out of her leading to discover her talent in running. In making all these decisions, Rain considers both sides of the coin, the ideals and realities in Bahamas. For instance, the ideal situation is that she can continue staying with her grandmother, but the reality is that she is too young and incapable of taking care of her needs ( For this reason, she decides to go out in search for her mother. In addition, Maria talks about the reality that however much the residents try, they can never attain a given lifestyle, especially that experienced by tourists. Maria also uses the idea of everyday beauty within communities and societies to develop the storyline. This proves to be very useful, especially in understanding how the various experiences of marginalized residents of the Bahamas undergo in their daily lives. Consequently, the film director is able to reach many viewers through her narrative structure and style. This makes The Rain one of the best movies watched by a huge magnitude of spectators. Surprisingly, the author does ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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