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Relativism vs. Objectivism in Aesthetic Evaluation - Essay Example

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Relativism vs. Objectivism in Aesthetic Evaluation The criteria on which personal views on objects or events are based are usually differentiated, being influenced by the beliefs of each individual. Under certain terms, subjective views, i.e. those views based on objects or events that can be evaluated differently are not accepted as valid…
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Relativism vs. Objectivism in Aesthetic Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages In accordance with Young (2003) ‘the aesthetic value can be objective or subjective, being influenced by the criteria used for evaluating a specific event/ object’ (Young 2003 p.117). On the other hand, it should be made clear that a work of art is considered as having no value when the specific work of art has no effect on people. Moreover, the evaluation of a work of art should be primarily based on the potential benefits that the specific piece would secure for the public (Young 2003). In any case, when no reference is made to the pleasure that a particular work of art can offer to the public, then the evaluation of the specific work of art can be characterized as invalid. The identification of the influence of objectivism and relativism on the aesthetic evaluation is a difficult task. In terms of its nature, aesthetic value is a concept used for explaining the value of an object based on its characteristics. In accordance with Bunnin and Yu (2004) the aesthetic value can be described as ‘the properties rendering a work of art good or successful, such as balance, charm and elegance’ (Bunnin and Yu 17). Aesthetic value, in the above sense, can be focus on different characteristics of a work of art, such as its colour or its significance for the society’ (Bunnin and Yu 17). ...
Then, their role in aesthetic evaluation would be made clear. It should be noted that the existing theory on relativism and objectivism, especially regarding the aesthetic evaluation, is based on different approaches, mostly because of the extensive use of these concepts in explaining the response of individuals to their external environment. It should be noted that the relevant views will be presented and analyzed, as possible, especially in regard to their relation to aesthetic evaluation. In accordance with Baghramian (2004) relativism can have three different forms; it can be characterized as subjective, social and conceptual (Baghramian 7). Subjective relativism is based on the view that ‘aesthetic evaluations are depended on the beliefs of individual thinkers’ (Baghramian 7). The above type of relativism is differentiated from social relativism, which highlights the importance of social conditions as a criterion for the development of aesthetic evaluation. Moreover, conceptual relativism is highly based on ‘ontology and scientific paradigms’ (Baghramian 7), which can be used every time that an object or an event has to be evaluated in terms of its aesthetic status or quality (Baghramian 7). Among the three forms of relativism presented above, the one that most reflects the role of relativism in aesthetic evaluation is the first one, the subjective relativism. This form of relativism is clearly opposed to objectivism, as a concept also reviewed in this paper, especially as of its use in aesthetic evaluation. At the same time, relativism can result to the different evaluation of aesthetic properties. More specifically, in the context ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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