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The Most Pressing Ethical Issue in World Cinemas is in Every Aspect that of Representation - Essay Example

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We begin the analysis with Millers characterisation of Hollywood as an influential international organization that promotes cultural labour…
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The Most Pressing Ethical Issue in World Cinemas is in Every Aspect that of Representation
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Extract of sample "The Most Pressing Ethical Issue in World Cinemas is in Every Aspect that of Representation"

Download file to see previous pages According to Galt and Schnoozer this specificity although unique in its nature does create room for destabilization in the global art cinema. The term global as used by Galt and Schnoozer does represent all the aspects represented by the global art cinema. These include the geopolitical aspect that features as part of the global art cinema representation. In the 21st century, the art films have the task of presenting unique yet universally legible works of art. Galt and schnoozer argue that the art cinema does demand the consideration of all cultures and the ability seeing ourselves through foreign eyes. This ideology of global art cinema does present the lack of unification. The global art cinema does make a massive contribution to the cinema world in its effort to globalise the art of film. It achieves this by embracing the different cultural perspective and trying to create a relationship in every aspect of life. Glan and schnoozer look at the films from different directors who have come up with the ability to create beautiful films that are an inspiration to their viewers. What this films present is political liberation that is an aspect that the global art cinema focuses on in the aim of promoting contemporary films. An example of the promotion of culture through the field of art cinema is the Spanish cinema. This cinema looks at the popular culture that the Spaniards experienced during the era of Marxism. We focus on dictatorship. The Europe cinema for some time has a link to the art cinema in contrast to the Hollywood cinema, which is popular. For some time, the Hollywood cinema took the principal focus for its international prominence this is in contrast to the European cinema that took the focus of art cinema. This paved room for the study of the other cinemas like the Mexican cinemas, the Spanish cinemas the U.K cinemas also the Australian cinemas the act scholars saw the need to study their unique, artistic quality. Let us consider the movie Motor Cycle Diaries directed by Walter Salles, the movie is an adaptation of the journal written by Guevara. The movie does use Mexican actors to play the leading roles. Gael Garcia Bernal plays the role of Che. Ernesto Guevara Salles made an ideal choice to use this actor to play Guevera's part. He is a delightful character as he manages to pull out an asthma attack scene on the screen, thus making this is one of the moments that one catches his breath in the film. On the other hand, Rodrigo De La Serna plays the part of Alberto Granado. He plays the loyal travelling companion he represents the casually amoral he manages to bring out his friends fierce integrity. The movie is also a representation of the country’s state dating between the periods 1951 to 1952. Guevera is a final year student in medical school, and his friend is a biochemist finalist. The movie is a representation of a Latin America journey it represents a trip undertaken by a 23 year old across South America. The two young friend who undertake the trip across South America happen to be exposed to the plight of the poor along the way. They experience the vulnerability and the suffering of the poor in this country. This exposure forms the basis of Che Guevara interest in being an activist in his country and thus he shows his determination in bidding farewell to the leper colony ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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