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Analyse a text connected with your degree subject (which is Film and TV Studies) by applying the ideas of Marx and Althusser - Essay Example

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The influence, these casts on common people, is overwhelming and spontaneous. At the same time these mediums often create a hallucinatory sphere where…
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Analyse a text connected with your degree subject (which is Film and TV Studies) by applying the ideas of Marx and Althusser
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"Analyse a text connected with your degree subject (which is Film and TV Studies) by applying the ideas of Marx and Althusser"

Download file to see previous pages what Marx has said about History in his book The holy family, or Critique of critical criticism (1844), Generic thinks it should be understood that “cinema doesnt make itself, cinema isnt made for itself, cinema is made by and for us. Films relation to the mass becomes a question of how to understand its situation as a medium capable of reaching many millions of people, potentially disparate in place and time.” (Generic. 2006). In today’s world, cinema is still one of the most influential medium to reach a large mass of people across the world. All the social, political, cultural and ideological issues which have, or could have created raves in the history of human beings are dealt from a common or unusual perspective in cinema. A section of people use this medium to express their ideas and beliefs on a particular topic which sometimes collide with the established school of thoughts, and sometimes greatly accepted. The underlying discussion on the above-mentioned book focuses specifically on the aspect of feminism in line with the perceptions of Karl Marx and Louis Althusser.
Marx’s ideology of history being the struggle between classes is also applicable in the history of feminism. Women as a dominated class have struggled for identity and existence against the male class. They have fought for their freedom from patriarchal control, for their rights and privileges as independent human beings. Women have evolved through slavery to primitive communism- a term supposed to have introduced by Marx to indicate rights of an individual to basic resources and freedom from authoritarian rule and hierarchical social structure. The Marxist theory of feminism
focuses on shattering of capitalism in order to emancipate women. The capitalist society, which largely values personal assets to demarcate the social position of an individual, is at the base of women’s oppression, according to Marxist feminism. Marx and Engel analyses that if the capitalist society, which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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