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Comapre And Contrast The Inner Coffin Of Tutankhamuns Sarcophagus With Nike (Victory) Of Samothrace - Essay Example

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Name University name Instructor Compare and contrast in great detail the Tutankhamun’s inner coffin sarcophagus compared against the Nike victory of Samothrace. Abstract The paper discusses the similarities and differences of Tutankhamun’s inner coffin sarcophagus with the Nike victory of Samothrace…
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Comapre And Contrast The Inner Coffin Of Tutankhamuns Sarcophagus With Nike (Victory) Of Samothrace
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Extract of sample "Comapre And Contrast The Inner Coffin Of Tutankhamuns Sarcophagus With Nike (Victory) Of Samothrace"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, it talks about the techniques and speaking styles that existed and the differences between the styles and techniques. Then it concludes with brief summary of the two main topics. Introduction Tutankhamun’s inner coffin sarcophagus The Tutankhamun tomb always contained four gilded shrines that are nested inside each other to decrease their sizes. A quartzite red Sarcophagus was inside the shrine that protected the three anthropoid coffins shaped by a man. Gilded wood was used to make the first two coffins but the final one was made of solid gold. This solid gold coffin was used to house King Tut mummy and the fabulous golden death mask. On the other hand, sarcophagus is defined as the stone container that is used to house a coffin to the Egyptian mummy. Generally, the word sarcophagus was the name of the stone coffins which were not sunk underground2. It is also known as ‘possessor of life’ that related to their belief of afterlife and deceased were eventually going to be reborn. Sarcophagus was mainly used as an external layer that protected the royal mummy of Tutankhamun body. It contained three netted layers of coffins which were anthropoid or man-shaped. Tutankhamun Sarcophagus was made of red quartzite; it is rectangular in shape measuring about nine feet high five feet wide and nine feet long. It is protected by a series of three gold Anthropoid coffins nested within each other. The Pharaoh Tutankhamun mummy was covered with a death mask. Each and every section of the king Tut web addresses all topics providing interesting information and facts about the Golden age pharaohs in Egypt. Nike victory of Samothrace In Greek mythology, Nike was the goddess of victory. Homers don’t personify Nike. It was discovered in 1863. It was created to both honors Nike the goddess and the sea battle. It usually conveys a sense of triumph and action. Moreover, it portrays artful drapery that flows through the futures which were considered ideal to the Greeks. The Samothrace winged victory was also called the Nike of Samothrace, a third century marble sculptor, presumably originated from Rhodian. Despite its incompleteness and significant damage, victory was considered a great surviving sculpture masterpiece from Hellenistic period. This statue shows mastery form of movement that impresses artists and critics since its discovery3. According to the Greeks, their victory goddess (Nike) was a very beautiful lady endowed with wings. The exceptional monument rose upon Samothrace isle that was set in a niche which overlooked the great god’s sanctuary and celebrate sea success. Here, the goddess stands on prow of galley; it resisted the gusty storm while putting her right arm high. This was an ex-voto of the victory by Rhodians which was won at the 2nd century start. Compare and contrast Tutankhamun’s inner coffin sarcophagus against the Nike victory of Samothrace. Tutankhamun coffin consist of gilded shrines nested one inside the other hence the innermost is covered with a stone sarcophagus while the Nike of Samothrace stood originally on the marble bow of a sculpted worship, a monument that commemorated a victory of naval. Inside the Tutankhamun, there are three coffins, the innermost being made of 110 kg of solid gold where Pharaoh body is being laid wearing the famous gold mask. However, Nike of Samothrace is designed in manner that seems as if she is landing a fierce headwind with her great wings still ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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