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The Life of King Tutankhamun - Essay Example

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Thesis: Little is known of King Tut beyond his name, age, and the fact that he was a pharaoh king, but there is endless speculation surrounding him. There are differing opinions on his parentage, claim to the throne, religious beliefs, and most notably - the manner of his death…
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The Life of King Tutankhamun
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Extract of sample "The Life of King Tutankhamun"

Download file to see previous pages Little is known of King Tut beyond his name, age, and the fact that he was a pharaoh king, but there is endless speculation surrounding him. Archaeologists have historically divided into opposing factions, each side failing to utilize hard evidence to support their claims for validity. There are differing opinions on his parentage, claim to the throne, religious beliefs, and most notably - the manner of his death. A careful examination of the clues and research leads to some, not all of the answers.
On November 25, 1922 Howard Carter, Egyptologist and Lord Carnarvon accompanied by his daughter, Lady Evelyn Herbert were the first to glimpse into the tomb emblazoned with the name Nebkheprure-Tutankhamen3. After financing a long and expensive archeological dig, it certainly must have been with much relief that Lord Carnarvon breathed in the stale air of the most complete Pharaoh's tomb ever to be discovered. It was a ground-breaking discovery that owed much to the obscurity of King Tut's life. His tomb, once sealed was forgotten, placed beneath Ramses VI's tomb in an obscure corner of the Valley of the Kings4. At one time, workmen from the XX dynasty were housed in the shifting sands about King Tut's tomb5 proving that his existence was all but wiped away.
Slightly more obscure than the location of his final resting p...
At one time, workmen from the XX dynasty were housed in the shifting sands about King Tut's tomb5 proving that his existence was all but wiped away.
Slightly more obscure than the location of his final resting place is the origin of Tutankhamen himself. The great uncertainties surrounding Tutankhamen are his obscure parentage and the manner of his death. His parentage is never clearly agreed upon because it is never clearly stated. King Tut's birth can be traced to the years between 34 and 35 of Amenophis III's reign6 and dating of the mummified remains assist in knowing how old King Tut was when he died7. This knowledge is useful in attempting to discover the identity of his parents. At the time of the reign of his predecessor Akhenaten, who was the leader of a great religious usurping records on the princes were not kept. Only the princesses were acknowledged in accordance with the beliefs of Aten, the chosen god of Akhenaten.8 This belief system in effect, clouds any written records that might have survived with Tutankhamen's treasure.
Two artifacts did survive with his treasure, which serve as an obvious nudge in the correct direction of his parental lineage.
"There was in the child king's tomb a small golden statuette showing Amenophis III crouching in the attitude of the solar child, as if to show his oneness with the son in whose flesh he would be reborn. This statuette, wrapped in linen and laid in a tiny coffin, was found beside a lock of Queen Tiye's hair touchingly enclosed like a mummy in its own little sarcophagus"9.
Also, an alabaster pitcher with the couple's name is found elsewhere in the tomb along with various other artifacts from various members of the royal family who appear to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Life of King Tutankhamun Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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