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Analysis of Ideology- Girl Interrupted Introduction: Girl interrupted is a beautiful movie which is well directed by James Mangold in 1999. This movie revolves around the life of a directionless and stressed teenager known as Susanna which is admitted in the hospital due to her failed suicidal attempt…
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Analysis of Ideology in a Chosen Film - Girl Interrupted
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Download file to see previous pages She is weak, she finds herself drawn to same sex, and depressed. During her stay in the psychiatric hospital, Susanna becomes friend with other ward-mates; a group of different women who are faced with different mental disorders. Susanna’s real life journey in finding her identity, purpose of her being and coping with her personality disorders. The story of the movie holds different themes and set of ideologies in it. Each theme tells the viewer of the reality, a different yet bitter truth that is faced by majority of the young generation and everyday life of a person who has no focus and no direction in life and how world and the society stands against that downtrodden soul. This is a true story of Susanna Kaysen which was earlier published in the form of a book under the same title. However, Susanna has tried her level best to communicate with the audience directly about the problems she was faced with in her life through this movie. This movie unveils the different hidden layers in the personality of a young teenager girl which represents the overall young generation and their suffering in a very well directed manner. ...
ot deny the fact that culture is the basic key element in the establishment of a society however; our culture has failed to give the rights and the proper status to the young generation which has left them unfocused, directionless and depressed with a blur future. It has been clearly shown in the movie that those young children who do not get enough love from their homes and attention from their parents become the victim of confusion, distress and with the passage of time their personalities become shattered. Strong language has been used in the film which shows that how mentally unstable women use language as a medium to vent out their emotions and feelings of hate and betrayal. It is a common fact that those children who do not get attention from home become use to of using strong language in their daily life because they lack the sense of respect and grace for others and for themselves. This film describes the role of parents in this regard that how their attitude can push their child into insanity. It is important to understand that female children are more prone to adopt compulsive personality as compare to males. Gender Exploitation: As the title of the movie says, “Girl Interrupted,” this movie revolves around the story of a female which is a victim of gender exploitation by the society and also by the culture. It is important to understand that women are the victim of discrimination; they are provided with limited choices with no significant importance given to them by the society. In today’s world, women are faced with prejudices and gender bias by majority of groups present in the society. Similarly, in the movie Susanna is shown as a weak gender which is the victim of inequality, betrayal and harassment. Majority of women are faced with mental stress ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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