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A Glimpse of Chinese Art - Essay Example

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This essay "A Glimpse of Chinese Art" explores the art of China. One of these significant works of Chinese art is the Water and Moon or Shuiyue Guanyin Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva is the counterpart of Buddha in Chinese culture but has a different origin…
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A Glimpse of Chinese Art
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Download file to see previous pages The earliest Shuiyei Guanyin work of art was found in Dunhuang. This was later described the deity on the painting to have “distinctive attributes of Guanyin” in the Tang dynasty, and the dynasties that followed thereafter. The icon had a “willow branch” and “water bottle” in both hands, and it was seated on a rock. The background had a fabulous full moon and the place was filled with bamboo grove. This work had influenced the Chinese culture and art since full moon and bamboo grove have been the symbolic icons in Chinese paintings. This work of art continued to transform and was interpreted into other works of art such as sculptures. This art later on signified the beauty of Chinese art from Indian culture that had the resemblance of the said icon. This has fascinated me in such way that I was able to appreciate how art can live through the years, and represent the stories behind it. This even became a more developed one by having several interpretations and versions. Art can even prove to connect different cultures together, and yet, it maintains the true meaning and essence of the art for each culture. The horses of the Tang Dynasty are among the most promising treasures and works of art in Chinese culture. This is due to the fact that horses made a significant role during the war since this signified stability of the troop. The Tang dynasty was one of the well known dynasties in China, and their horses were known to be one of the greatest inspirations to come up with ideas on Chinese art. The “Zhaoling Six Horses” is said to be the inspired work of art from the Chinese custom of “stone relievos.” These horses were owned by the emperor Li Shimin of Tang dynasty (Dongxia 121-122). These horses were described to be a group of equestrians and that they were wearing clothes suited for the battle, but at the same time neat and steady. The group was not all Chinese by ethnicity, but they all had the readiness to face war (“Tang Dynasty”). The “horses in Tang dynasty” has made an impact on me not just with how they served their purpose back in the Tang dynasty, but as to how they had remained to be a symbolic icon in Tang dynasty. I see them as a proof of stability, and at the same time elegance as they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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