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Analysis of the In Search of Red Buddha - Book Report/Review Example

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Buddhism is one of the oldest organized religions in the world and is approximated to have been started by Gautama Buddha or the ‘Enlightened One’ during the 5th century B.C.E. Even though Buddha was born in Northern India, his teachings soon became an organized religion and…
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Analysis of the book In Search of Red Buddha
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Extract of sample "Analysis of the In Search of Red Buddha"

Download file to see previous pages They include experts on Buddhist studies like Alexander Csoma de Köros, Edmond Foucaux,  ean-Pierre Abel-Remusat and Stanislas Julien (Lenoir).
The Western fascination for this religious belief grew out the writings of these early pioneers and continues even to this day. This paper attempts to review such a modern literary work by Professor Nancy Lynch Street titled ‘In Search of Red Buddha - Higher Education in China after Mao Zedong, 1985 – 1990’.
Professor Street is associated with the Bridgewater State College in Virginia. She has authored several books and is apparently a keen student of all aspects of Chinese society including religion (Buddhism), social life, politics, and business. This is apparent from her varied literary works like American business in China’ and the current book reviewed in this paper. Her area of interest is primarily focused on intercultural relationships in an international setting, but also includes related areas like communication and the Cold War era. She has also acted as editor in works like ‘War and film in America’ co-edited by Marilyn Matelski. It can be assumed that the book under review provide authentic reproduction of her experiences in the impact of Communism and the cultural revolution on the Buddhist psyche in the country in general and the practically unknown (to the outside world), community life in the city of Linfen situated in the province of Shanxi. The work under review is based on her experiences as a traveler and exchange professor between the Chinese government and her University.
The focus of the work is apparently twofold. The first is that the author is attempting at bridging a cultural gap between Communist China, its impact on a philosophical and intellectual religion like Buddhism and transferring them to the Western mind. The author apparently assumes that the detailed tenets of Buddhism are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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