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Reservior Dogs - Essay Example

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Name Task Tutor Date Analysis of the film "Reservior DOG" "Reservior DOG" is a 1992 film directed by Quentin Tarantino and produced by Lawrence Bender. Reservoir Dogs is one of the most brutal and still a creative piece of art to be screened. The acting is high ranking because all the actors seem to be natural…
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Reservior Dogs
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Download file to see previous pages They are completely optimistic that the robbery will be successful. They are thus taken by a surprise when law enforcers emerge at the exact place and time they are executing the deal. In the course of the ensuing confrontation with the police, one of their own is killed with a few police officers and civilians escape with gun wounds. When the surviving gangsters meet at the designated meet point after the ordeal they begin to infer that one of them is working as an undercover cop. Joe Cabot a crime planner contracts five thugs to rob a diamond hoard. Although the criminals are almost certain that the plan will succeed, the police botched the robbery. As the criminals regroup in the warehouse to discuss the unsuccessful robbery, they ponder the possibility of a set-up. The story is expressed in form of a flashback while Tarantino maintaining an element of suspense by not revealing the actual diamond store (Berardinelli, "Reservoir Dogs"). Plot construction and background Tarantino has used a complex plot construction which is very effective in the development of the story line. He has taken out the warehouse setting’s claustrophobia and has instead offered a sparkling background on the robbery plot, the undercover police officer’s activities and the thugs’ aggressive relationships. ...
Sally Menke is very effective at cutting and helps maintain the entire scenes firm and the time-jumping plot conclusive. The time jumping plot of the film ensures that the film is short but interesting. Some of the details especially the actual robbery in the diamond store is kept off-camera. This helps in creating a kind of mystery in the plot construction. Although the movie is exceptionally violent from the first scene to the last, Tarantino has maintained the confrontation between the thugs and the cops off camera (Berardinelli, "Reservoir Dogs"). Since the botched robbery is the major part on which the film is created, leaving the details unrevealed is a unique way of creating suspense. The director describes the confrontation and the ensuing results through a dialogue between different actors in the cast. The entire movie is shot after the botched robbery and the discussions and mysteries facing the thugs make the film very captivating. This is thus not a normal crime movie because the crucial part of the confrontation between the thugs and the cops is not shown to the audience. This makes the movie pure and natural hence making it appear as a reality (Berardinelli, "Reservoir Dogs"). Film position Tarantino managed to minimize the discovered covered while making the movie by ensuring that the casting took long in one location. This enabled him to save a lot on the limited resources that were available to make the film. Productions that are length usually spend a lot of money and can be very costly. In Tarantino’s case, time and resources are saved by limiting the movements in shooting and ensuring that no time is lost while moving from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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